Advertise with NGS

Advertising space is available for purchase in the two main conference publications—the syllabus and the program.

The conference syllabus, containing lecture outlines and material provided by conference speakers, is produced as a large soft-cover book and on a Flash Drive. All conference registrants receive the version on a Flash Drive, and they can also choose to purchase the soft-cover print version (7 3/4″ wide x 10 3/4″ tall). This valuable reference source is usually retained by conference attendees and libraries nation-wide for a long period of time.

The conference program (5 1/2″ wide x 8 1/2″ tall) is a smaller booklet used daily at the
conference for on-site information, contains a schedule of events, floor plans, lists of exhibitors, an exhibit hall map, and more.

Download advertising contract (PDF 242KB)
Download program and syllabus advertising specs (PDF 325KB)

Ad payments and electronic artwork is due by 1 February 2016.

Registration Bag Inserts – $300

Insert a flyer or postcard into the conference registration bag
given to all attendees. Bag inserts should be no more than four pages front and back and no more than 8.5″x11″. They can be brochures/pamphlets folded down two-fold or three-fold. Quantity of bag inserts is TBD.

Advertising contract and payment is due 1 February 2016. Inserts should be shipped to the NGS
office at 3108 Columbia Pike, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22204-4370 by 1 April 2016.

Download advertising contract (PDF 242KB)

Mobile App Advertising

Choose from the Banner Package, the Multimedia Package, or the Push Alerts
Package. Please note there is a limit of three banner packages and three multimedia packages. All advertising packages are first come, first served. Full payment must be received at time of reservation.

Banner Package

Banner Ad and Landing Screen – $100
Draw more traffic and increase your company’s exposure. Banner ads cycle randomly at the top of the viewing screen. Attendees who tap the banner ad will go to a landing screen which can feature your logo, photo of your product, or other image.

Download specifications (PDF 500KB)

Multimedia Package

Banner Ad, Landing Screen, and Video – $250
Do you have a YouTube video channel or audio video content? Would you like to test a prospective TV commercial or online ad? The Multimedia Package can help. This top-tier service includes a banner ad, landing page, and video. Videos play directly on the app.

Download specifications (PDF 728KB)

Push Alerts – $300 per alert

Notify attendees about special offers, new products, or events. We will need the following: date and time to send the alert, title of the alert, and body of the alert. Alert titles are limited to 29 characters. Alerts can be scheduled between 1 May and 8 May 2016.