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W101 The Tales of Pioneer Paths: Rivers, Roads, & Rails Agenda05-13-201508:00 am1431504000Opening SessionJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
W121 But I've Looked Everywhere Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800SkillbuildingBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
W122 The Genealogical Proof Standard: What It Is and What It Is Not Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800Proving the PointThomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS
W123 Gottfried Duden Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800German ResearchDorris Keeven-Franke
W124 The Draper Manuscripts Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800SettlersRev. David McDonald, CG
W125 Missouri Digital Heritage: Accessing Our Collective Past Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800MissouriJohn Dougan
W126 Tracking Pennsylvania Ancestors: Keys to Successful Research Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800Research in the StatesKay Haviland Freilich, CG, CGL, FNGS
W127 Principles of Good Writing and Good Storytelling Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800Recording Your InformationJohn Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA
W128 Crossing the Border: How to Backtrack an Ancestor into Quebec from the U.S. Agenda05-13-201511:00 am1431514800Little Used RecordsGeorge Findlen, CG, CGL
W131 Professional Genealogy: Conduct, Courtesy, Common Sense, or Ethics? ($) Agenda05-13-201512:15 pm1431519300Social EventJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
W132 Closing Records in an Open Society ($)Agenda05-13-201512:15 pm1431519300Social EventDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
W133 The Rest of the Story ($)Agenda05-13-201512:15 pm1431519300Social EventJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
W141 Anatomy of a Military PensionAgenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400SkillbuildingJulie Miller, CG
W142 Which Test? Which Company? Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400Proving the PointAngie Bush
W143 German Digital Libraries Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400German ResearchBaerbel K. Johnson, AG
W144 Oregon Trail: A 2000 Mile Walk Talked About as Long as They Lived Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400SettlersPeggy Baldwin
W145 Gateway to the West: Missouri Land Grant Records Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400MissouriChristina Miller, CA
W146 Iowa: Fields of Genealogical Opportunity Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400Research in the StatesMarieta Grissom
W147 Locating Documents for Your Lineage Society Application Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400Recording Your InformationBarbara Mathews, CG, FASG
W148 Valuable Illinois Pre-statehood Finding Aids Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400Little Used RecordsDiane Renner Walsh, CG
W149 Maps! Wonderful Maps! Agenda05-13-201502:30 pm1431527400MapsPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGARick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
W151 Confronting Conflicting Evidence Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800SkillbuildingPam Stone Eagleson, CG
W152 Analyzing Deeds & Wills: I See What It "Says" But What Does It "Mean?"Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800Proving the PointElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
W153 Pity the Poor Pfuhl: Proving Immigrant Identities Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800German ResearchWarren Bittner, CG
W154 Territorial Papers of the U.S. Inward Ho! Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800SettlersRev. David McDonald, CG
W155 St. Louis 250+ Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800MissouriAnn Carter Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGS
W156 Researching Oklahoma Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800Research in the StatesKathy Huber, MLS
W157 Preparing to Become a Professional: Writing A Professional Client Research Report Agenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800Recording Your InformationKelly R. Summers, AG
W158 Finding Your Ancestors in Congressional DocumentsAgenda05-13-201504:00 pm1431532800Little Used RecordsPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
W161 The Next Generation of NGS LearningAgenda05-13-201505:15 pm1431537300Roundtable DiscussionJordan JonesPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
W162 St. Louis Genealogical Society Host Event Meet Us in St. Louis Buffet Dinner ($)Agenda05-13-201505:30 pm1431538200Social Event
T201 Transcription, Abstraction, & the Records Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400SkillbuildingRev. David McDonald, CG
T202 Grand Army of the Republic, Loyal Legion, and other Civil War Union Veterans' AssociationsAgenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400Strategies for SuccessDennis Northcott
T203 Introduction to German Church Books Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400German ResearchWarren Bittner, CG
T204 New York Land: Patroonships, Manors, Patents, Rent Wars, & Land Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400New YorkKaren Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS
T205 The Journey to America: Federal Passenger-Ship Records (LS) Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400ImmigrationJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
T206 Proving Native American Ancestors Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400MigrationBillie Stone Fogarty, MEd
T207 Seventeen Repositories, One Life: Uncommon Original Sources Portray a 19th Century Prussian Immigrant Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400Eastern EuropeanJohn Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA
T208 Researching at the Midwest Genealogy Center Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400Missouri RecordsCheryl Lang, MLS
T209 Reading & Writing "Section, Township, and Range" Land Descriptions ($) Agenda05-14-201508:00 am1431590400WorkshopRuth Ann Abels Hager, CG, CGL
T211 Certification: Measuring Yourself Against Standards Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800Skillbuilding WorkshopJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGLMichael S. Ramage, JD, CGElissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL
PERSI and Beyond ' id='t212-the-worlds-periodicals-in-your-hands-persi-and-beyond' />T212 The World's Periodicals in Your Hands: PERSI and Beyond Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800Strategies for SuccessD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
T213 So You Think You Want to get Married: Marriage Records, Laws, and German Customs Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800German ResearchBaerbel K. Johnson, AG
T214 The New York Gateway: Immigration and Migration Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800New YorkJane E. Wilcox
T215 Becoming an American: Naturalization Records (LS)Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800ImmigrationJulie Miller, CG
T216 Trail of Tears Through Missouri Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800MigrationKathy Huber, MLS
T217 Back to the USSR: Tracing Your Russian Roots Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800Eastern EuropeanAmy Wachs, JD
T218 What's in the History and Genealogy Department at St. Louis County Library?Agenda05-14-201509:30 am1431595800Missouri RecordsLarry Franke, MLS
T222 Overcoming Surprising Research Barriers: A Case Study Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200Strategies for SuccessThomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS
T223 He Took Her Name: Understanding German Farm Names Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200German ResearchTeresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG
T224 Records Created by New York's Towns and Cities: Uncommonly Rich Resources Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200New YorkKaren Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS
T225 Discovering the REAL Stories of Your Immigrant Ancestors (LS) Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200ImmigrationJohn Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA
T226 From Missouri to Oregon by Way of the Applegate Trail Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200MigrationMelinda Daffin Henningfield, CG
T227 Research Jewish Genealogical Records From Your Couch Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200Eastern EuropeanDaniel Horowitz
T228 Genealogy Treasures at the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center Agenda05-14-201511:00 am1431601200Missouri RecordsDennis Northcott
T231 Then and Now: Changes in Methodologies and Sources ($)Agenda05-14-201512:15 pm1431605700Social EventPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGARick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
T232 Intuition and Genealogy Success: A Sixth Sense, Chance, Coincidence, or Serendipity? ($)Agenda05-14-201512:15 pm1431605700Social EventTerry Koch-Bostic
T233 Germans in the American Civil War ($)Agenda05-14-201512:15 pm1431605700Social EventJoseph Lieby
T241 Building Better Citations Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800SkillbuildingAlison Hare, CG
T242 Genealogical Research & Writing: Are You a Saint, Sinner, or Bumfuzzled Soul? Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800Strategies for SuccessElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
T243 Unscrambling the New Orleans Passenger Lists Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800German ResearchBeth Stahr, MLS, CG
T244 New York City and State Vital Records and Their Substitutes Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800New YorkJane E. Wilcox
T245 Bads, Bergs, Burgs, and Bachs: Finding Locations in Germany (LS) Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800ImmigrationWarren Bittner, CG
T246 California Historic Missions and Their Records Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800MigrationSheila Benedict
T247 Introduction to Tracing Your Czech Roots Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800Eastern EuropeanAmy Wachs, JD
T248 Opening the Ozarks: The Legacy of Marsha Hoffman Rising Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800Missouri RecordsPatti Hobbs
T249 Metes and Bounds Land Descriptions Workshop ($) Agenda05-14-201502:30 pm1431613800WorkshopVic Dunn, CG
T251 Living With Legal Lingo through the Records of Missouri's Boone Family Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200SkillbuildingJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
T252 Marriages Here, There, & Nowhere: Finding Gretna Greens & Borders Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200Strategies for SuccessJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
T253 Reading Handwritten German Church RecordsAgenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200German ResearchCarol Wright Whitton, CG
T254 City Directories: Antiquarian People Finders Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200New YorkTerry Koch-Bostic
T255 A Methodology for Irish Emigration to North America (LS) Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200ImmigrationDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
T256 Steamboats in the 19th Century and the Journey West along America's Rivers Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200MigrationSean Visintainer, MLIS
T257 Guidelines to Finding Polish Records Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200Eastern EuropeanAmy Wachs, JD
T258 Show Me Military Records: What You Can Find in Your State's Adjutant General Records Agenda05-14-201504:00 pm1431619200Missouri RecordsJohn Dougan
T261 Personnel Records of the National Archives at St. Louis. Agenda05-14-201505:30 pm1431624600Evening LectureBryan McGraw
F301 Problem Solving: Using a Cast of Characters Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800SkillbuildingAnn Carter Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGS
F302 The Time of Cholera: A Case Study about Historical Context (LS)Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800Strategies for SuccessAlison Hare, CG
F303 Navigating the Best Online Sources for Irish Research Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800Immigration & MigrationDonna Moughty
F304 Researching Ancestors and Their Units in the Colonial Military (1637–1775) Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800 PotpourriDavid Allen Lambert
F305 Maximizing Your Search on Ancestry.comAgenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800Strategies for SuccessAncestry Staff
F306 Researching Virginia's Records without Going There Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800Research in the StatesBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
F307 7 Tips to Researching Slaves and Slaveholders in Little Dixie — MissouriAgenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800MissouriKathleen Brandt
F308 Feds in the Family Tree: Records of Civil Servants, CCC & WPA Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800Working with DocumentsAshley Mattingly, CA
F309 Genetic Genealogy: Effective Analysis and Correlation of DNA Test Results ($)Agenda05-15-201508:00 am1431676800DNA WorkshopDebbie Parker Wayne, CG, CGL
F311 The Problem-Solver's Great Trifecta: GPS+FAN+DNA (LS) Agenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200SkillbuildingElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
F312 You Can Read Early American HandwritingAgenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200Strategies for SuccessCarol Wright Whitton, CG
F313 Unpuzzling Ireland's Church Records Agenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200Immigration & MigrationDonna Moughty
F314 Finding Your World War I Ancestors at the National ArchivesAgenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200 PotpourriTheresa Fitzgerald
F315 Evernote for Genealogists: How to Plan, Gather, Store, and Organize Your Research Agenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200Strategies for SuccessJordan Jones
F316 What Happened in Missouri Didn't Stay in Missouri: California Here They ComeAgenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200Research in the StatesSheila Benedict
F317 Virginia Gentry Confront German Kulture: The Experiences of Three St. Charles County FamiliesAgenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200MissouriSteve Ehlmann, JD
F318 Digital Library on American Slavery: Locating Pre-Emancipation Documents on Enslaved Individuals and Community Life Agenda05-15-201509:30 am1431682200Working with DocumentsJanis Minor Forté
F321 When Does Newfound Evidence Overturn a Proved Conclusion? (LS) Agenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600SkillbuildingThomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS
F322 Finding the First Landowner: Using Family Maps,, and Texas Land Survey MapsAgenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600Strategies for SuccessRuth Ann Abels Hager, CG, CGL
F323 Scots-Irish Research Agenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600Immigration & MigrationRobert McLaren
F324 The Sick and the Dead: Veterans Administration Claim Files and WWI Burial Case FilesAgenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600 PotpourriDaria Labinsky, CA, MLS
F325 Tech Tools That Catapult the Newspaper Research Process into the 21st Century Agenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600Strategies for SuccessLisa Louise Cooke
F326 Researching Online at the Maryland State Archives Agenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600Research in the StatesMichael Hait, CG
F327 Delving into Missouri Territorial Records 1770–1821 Agenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600MissouriAmy Moorman, CA
F328 Vital Records are Public Records: Help Keep Vital Records Accessible Agenda05-15-201511:00 am1431687600Working with DocumentsJan Alpert , FNGSJan Meisels Allen Frederick E. Moss, JD, LLM
F331 FamilySearch Hinting: Making Difficult Research Easy and Accurate ($) Agenda05-15-201512:15 pm1431692100Social EventRobert Kehrer
F332 Discover for Researching Your Ancestry in New England ($)Agenda05-15-201512:15 pm1431692100Social EventDavid Allen Lambert
F333 Lincoln Lives: 21st Century Access to Resources Documenting the Life and Times of Father Abraham ($) Agenda05-15-201512:15 pm1431692100Social EventCurt Witcher, MLS, FUGA, IGSF
F341 The Everyday Life of Our Ancestors Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200SkillbuildingAnn Staley, CG, CGL
F342 Forensic Genealogy Meets the Genealogical Proof Standard (LS)Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200Strategies for SuccessMichael S. Ramage, JD, CG
F343 Gateway to Family Research: Records of the Panama Canal Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200Immigration & MigrationReginald Washington
F344 Tools for Discovering Missing Links: Dred and Harriet Scott, a Case StudyAgenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200 PotpourriRuth Ann Abels Hager, CG, CGL
F345 Getting to Know Fold3 Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200Strategies for SuccessGordon Atkinson
F346 Illinois: Research in the Praire State Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200Research in the StatesDiane Renner Walsh, CG
F347 Grandpa "Stole Chickens in the Nighttime:" What Penitentiary Records Can Tell About Your Family Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200MissouriMary Stansfield, CA
F348 Organizing Your Genealogy Without Losing Your Mind Agenda05-15-201502:30 pm1431700200Working with DocumentsJulie Miller, CG
F351 What is a “Reasonably Exhaustive Search”?Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600SkillbuildingMichael Hait, CG
F352 Using DNA as a Genealogical Record (LS) Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600Strategies for SuccessAngie Bush
F353 Scandinavians in the Midwest: Where Did They Settle and Where Are Their Records Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600Immigration & MigrationElaine Helgeson Hasleton, AG
F354 Locating Your Earliest New England AncestorsAgenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600 PotpourriDavid Allen Lambert
F355 Where Would You Go If You Had Five Days in Washington, DC? Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600Strategies for SuccessPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
F356 Born in Kentucky! Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600Research in the StatesGail Jackson Miller, CG
F357 The Giessen Emigration Society Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600MissouriDorris Keeven-Franke
F358 Published Documentary Histories: An Unusual Resource for Genealogists Agenda05-15-201504:00 pm1431705600Working with DocumentsClaire Bettag, CG, FUGA
F361 Why Great-Grandpa Shaved Off His Mustache: Tales of Our Ancestors and the Weather Description ($) Agenda05-15-201507:00 pm1431716400Social EventJohn Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA
S401 Investigate the Neighborhood to Advance Your Research Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200SkillbuildingMelinda Daffin Henningfield, CG
S402 Who Owned the Cow? And Other Common Conundrums: A Reasoning From Evidence Example Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200Strategies for SuccessJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
S403 The Law in Yankee Blue: Federal Military Pensions after the Civil WarAgenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200MilitaryJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
S404 What Grandma Did & Did Not Tell You Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200FundamentalsJan Alpert , FNGS
S405 Records of the Southern Claims Commission: A Source for Southern Genealogists Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200African AmericanReginald Washington
S406 Railroads and Their Records Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200 PotpourriPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
S407 Finding Hidden Treasures at Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200TechnologyAncestry Staff
S408 Family Stories: Analyzing the Evidence to Learn what Really HappenedAgenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200MigrationTed Steele
S409 Workshop on Irish Law Libraries ($)Agenda05-16-201508:00 am1431763200WorkshopDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
S411 Sharing Your Family History Agenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600SkillbuildingPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
S412 Smiths and Jones: How to Cope with Families of Common Names Agenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600Strategies for SuccessElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
S413 The Law in Confederate Grey: State Military Pensions after the War of Northern Aggression Agenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600MilitaryJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
S414 ResearchTies: Planning for Effective & Efficient ResearchAgenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600FundamentalsJill N. Crandell, AG
S415 Records of the Slave Claims Commissions Agenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600African AmericanMichael Hait, CG
S416 Family Tree Maker:The Basics & Beyond Agenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600 PotpourriAncestry Staff
S417 iPad & iPhone Power User Techniques for Genealogy Agenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600TechnologyLisa Louise Cooke
S418 The Homestead Act & Land Entry FilesAgenda05-16-201509:30 am1431768600MigrationBillie Stone Fogarty, MEd
S421 Petitions, Memorials, & Remonstrances in Early America: Good Genealogical Sources Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000SkillbuildingClaire Bettag, CG, FUGA
S422 Florida: A State of Diversity Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000Strategies for SuccessAnn Staley, CG, CGL
S423 Civil War Prisoner of War Records Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott, CG, FUGA
S424 Grandma's Treasure Chest Revisited: Investigating and Evaluating Family Artifacts Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000FundamentalsPam Stone Eagleson, CG
S425 Slave Tags: The Government System of Licensing, Labeling, and Marketing of Human Souls Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000African AmericanJanis Minor Forté
S426 Adoption Research & Real Life Case Study Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000 PotpourriMichael S. Ramage, JD, CG
S427 Out of the Computer and onto the Shelf: Self-Publishing with LuLuAgenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000TechnologyPatricia Jordan Roberts
S428 Military Bounty Land–As Good As a Pension Agenda05-16-201511:00 am1431774000MigrationRick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
S431 Have You Tested Your DNA? Is there a Non-Paternity Event in Your Family? ($)Agenda05-16-201512:15 pm1431778500Social EventJan Alpert , FNGS
S432 The Prizes of War: Pirates and Privateers in the National Archives ($)Agenda05-16-201512:15 pm1431778500Social EventJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
S441 Beating the Odds: Using Indirect Evidence in Problem Solving Agenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600SkillbuildingVic Dunn, CG
S442 Have You Used All 20th Century Records Available? Agenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600Strategies for SuccessPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
S443 Find Your Civilian Ancestors in Unique Civil War RecordsAgenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600MilitaryRuth Ann Abels Hager, CG, CGL
S444 They Died From What Illnesses?Agenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600FundamentalsIlene Kanfer Murray, MEd
S445 The Dawn of Freedom: Researching Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned LandsAgenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600African AmericanReginald Washington
S446 Six Pillars to Build Your Genealogy Business Online Agenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600 PotpourriLisa Louise Cooke
S447 How to Plan Your Digital Afterlife Agenda05-16-201502:30 pm1431786600TechnologyJulie Miller, CG
S451 The Art of Negative-Space Research: Women Agenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000SkillbuildingJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
S452 Five Proven Techniques for Finding Your Ancestor's European Origin Agenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000Strategies for SuccessThomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS
S453 Researching the War of 1812 Soldier Agenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott, CG, FUGA
S454 Death Record Research Sources: Beyond Death CertificatesAgenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000FundamentalsAnn Staley, CG, CGL
S455 They're Not on the Census: Using Non-Traditional Sources to Identify Slave Owners Agenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000African AmericanJanis Minor Forté
S456 The Total Presentation Experience Agenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000 PotpourriNancy Waters Lauer
S457 Genealogy in the Cloud: Distributed Internet Services for Genealogists Agenda05-16-201504:00 pm1431792000TechnologyJordan Jones
S461 Youth CampAgenda05-16-201508:30 am1431765000Youth Camp
S462 NGS Annual MeetingAgenda05-16-201505:15 pm1431796500Business Meeting

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