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F301 Indexes and DatabasesCentinal Hall05-09-201408:00 am1399622400BCG SkillbuildingGladys Friedman Paulin, CG
F302 Migration Routes to KentuckyAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400MigrationDon W. Rightmyer
F303 Newly Discovered Records of the Poor: Rich Records of the Indigent and the Down-Trodden.Agenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400RecordsEric Stroschein
F304 How German History Makes a Difference in Your Family History ResearchAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400 GermanF. Warren Bittner, CG
F305 The Virginia MilitiaAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott, CG
LIB02 Beyond Vertical FilesAgenda05-06-201410:30 am1399372200Librarians' DayLouise T. Jones
LIB03 How the FamilySearch Wiki Can Help You Help ResearchersAgenda05-06-201401:30 pm1399383000Librarians' DayJason Brent Harrison, CG
F306 How to Progress from Notes to a Draft ArticleAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400Spreading the NewsHenry B. Hoff, CG, FASG
F307 Inheritance Laws and Estate Settlements in the CarolinasAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400 State ResearchJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
LIB01 Virginia Slave Births Index, 1853–1865: How Nineteenth-Century Records Became A Twenty-First Century ResourceAgenda05-06-201409:00 am1399366800Librarians' DayLeslie Anderson
F318 Tract Books: Master Index to Federal Land RecordsAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800 National ArchivesAngela Packer McGhie
F309 Basic Genetic Genealogy: Y Chromosome Testing for BeginnersAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400DNAThomas H. Shawker, MD
W162 The Next Generation of NGS LearningAgenda05-07-201405:15 pm1399482900NGS LearningJordan JonesPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
F310 What's New at Ancestry.comAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400On the WebCrista Cowan
W160 Searching and Understanding State Collections on Agenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400 Online ResourcesCrista Cowan
F311 Disputes and Unhappy Differences: Surprises in Land RecordsAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800BCG SkillbuildingSharon Tate Moody, CG
F312 Hidden in Plain Sight: Tracking Pioneers on the Old Southwest Frontier Before StatehoodAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800MigrationDorothy Williams Potter
F313 Your Ancestor’s Famous Neighbor: Records of the Prominent as Sources for Information of OthersAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800RecordsEric G. Grundset, MLS
W159 Using FamilySearch to Solve Genealogical ProblemsAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400Tricks and TipsJim Ison
F314 German Gazetteers and Levels of JurisdictionAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800 GermanF. Warren Bittner, CG
W158 Finding Your Irish Ancestral Place of OriginAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400IrishTerry Koch-Bostic
F315 Virginia's "Forgotten" Revolutionary War Records: Treasures in the Library of VirginiaAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800MilitaryBevin Creel
F316 Incorporating Social History into Your ResearchAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800Spreading the NewsMichael D. Lacopo, DVM
W157 Repopulating the Past: Using the Collections of the Virginia Historical SocietyAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400LibrariesFrances S. Pollard
F317 Land Grants in Tennessee (1749_1802)Agenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800 State ResearchA. B. Pruitt
F308 Using NARA’s Finding Aids and WebsiteAgenda05-09-201408:00 am1399622400 National ArchivesPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL
W156 Kentucky: Where in the State Do You Relate?Agenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400 State ResearchLouise T. Jones
W155 Hampton Roads Research: Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia BeachAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400 VirginiaLeslie Anderson
F319 Beyond Basic Genetic Genealogy: Mitochondrial and Autosomal TestingAgenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800DNAThomas H. Shawker, MD
F320 Searching Successfully to Reveal Your Ancestor's Story on Agenda05-09-201409:30 am1399627800On the WebAnne Mitchell
W154 "She Bore Her Suffering with Christian Fortitude": Using Religious Newspapers and PeriodicalsAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400RecordsMichael D. Lacopo, DVM
W153 My Ancestor Came to Colonial America as a Transported ConvictAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400MigrationNathan W. Murphy, AG
F321 "Of Sound Mind and Healthy Body": Using Probate Records in Your ResearchAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200BCG SkillbuildingMichael Hait, CG
W152 The Sociology of CemeteriesAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400MethodologyHelen A. Shaw, CG
F322 Carolinians Settle the SouthAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200MigrationJim Ison
F323 An Ounce of Prevention: Making a Genealogy Disaster PlanAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200RecordsJulie Miller, CG
W151 Mining the Destination DataAgenda05-07-201404:00 pm1399478400BCG SkillbuildingDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
F324 Using Historic German Newspapers OnlineAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200 GermanErnest Thode
W150 Online Appalachian Genealogical ResearchAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000 Online ResourcesLori Thornton, MLS
F325 War of 1812: Records and Resources at the Library of VirginiaAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200MilitaryRoger Thomas Crew, Jr., MA
W149 Annotating and Archiving Images Agenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000Tricks and TipsJordan Jones
F326 Writing for Your AudienceAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200Spreading the NewsLinda Coffin
F327 Kentucky Land Patents: Mind Bogglers or Treasures?Agenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200 State ResearchKandie Adkinson
W148 Irish GenealogyAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000IrishMichael Brophy
F328 The Cartographic Records of the National ArchivesAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200 National ArchivesRick Sayre, CG, CGL
W147 Why Can’t I Find It in the ILS (Library Catalog)? Techniques Used by LibrariansAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000LibrariesPatricia Moseley Van Skaik, MLS
F329 Administering a Surname DNA ProjectAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200DNATerry Barton
W146 Ohio: Virginia's Next-Door NeighborAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000 State ResearchErnest Thode
F330 Getting the Most out of MyHeritageAgenda05-09-201411:00 am1399633200On the WebDaniel Horowitz
W145 Using Civil War Maps in Genealogical ResearchAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000 VirginiaCassandra Britt Farrell
F331 Why I Belong to APG - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-09-201412:15 pm1399637700Social EventDonn Devine, CG, FNGS
W144 The Records of the Southern Historical SocietyAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000RecordsKathy Huber
F332 Onward Genealogy's Soldiers: Sabine Baring-Gould as Curate, Parson, Vicar & Squire - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-09-201412:15 pm1399637700Social EventDavid McDonald, CG
W143 To Naturalize or Not: Why and When Our Ancestors Became CitizensAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000MigrationGladys Friedman Paulin, CG
F333 The Keepers and I: Tales of Accessing Historical Sources - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-09-201412:15 pm1399637700Social EventJohn Philip Colletta, PhD
W142 Order in the Court: Ancestor Trials and TribulationsAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000MethodologySharon Tate Moody, CG
F341 The Seanachie: Linking Life and the Law through StorytellingAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800BCG SkillbuildingJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
W141 New Standards or Old: Guidelines for Effective Research and Family HistoriesAgenda05-07-201402:30 pm1399473000BCG SkillbuildingThomas W. Jones
T243 From the Old Dominion to the Buckeye StateAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400MigrationVic Dunn, CG
W133 Introducing Your Grandchildren to Your Grandparents - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-07-201412:15 pm1399464900Social EventJim Ison
W132 The Pitfalls of Visiting Jamestown in Jammies - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-07-201412:15 pm1399464900Social EventPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL
F343 Using State and Regional Genealogy Periodicals in Your ResearchAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800RecordsDon W. Rightmyer
W131 On the Front Line: Reflections on Thirty-Five Years of Working With Genealogists - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-07-201412:15 pm1399464900Social EventConley L. Edwards
W130 The Scoop on Newspapers.comAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400 Online ResourcesPeter Drinkwater
F344 German Village Not Yet Found?Agenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800 GermanCarolyn Louise Whitton, CG
W129 Google Search Strategies for Common SurnamesAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400Tricks and TipsLisa Louise Cooke
W128 Irish Emigration to North America: Before, During and After the FamineAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400IrishPaul Milner
F345 They Also Served—Women on the Civil War HomefrontAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800MilitaryElizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CG
W127 Swemming for Genealogy at Swem LibraryAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400LibrariesJay Gaidmore
F346 Writing to Engage Your ReaderAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800Spreading the NewsF. Warren Bittner, CG
W126 Three Colonies, One Peninsula: Border Disputes on Colonial DelmarvaAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400 State ResearchMichael Hait, CG
F347 Problem Solving in the Problem-Riddled Carolina BackcountryAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800 State ResearchElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
W125 Are Those My Early Virginia Ancestors? Spanning Gaps and Developing Theories to Build a Possible Family StructureAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400 VirginiaEric G. Grundset, MLS
F348 NARA: What Is Digitized and What Is Not?Agenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800 National ArchivesRick Sayre, CG, CGL
W124 Hell on the Home Front: War-Time Damages & the Claims They GeneratedAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400RecordsElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
F349 Genetic Genealogy Case Studies: Maximize Use of DNA Test ResultsAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800DNADebbie Parker Wayne, CG, CGL
W123 The Scotch-Irish from Pennsylvania to Virginia and OnwardAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400MigrationVic Dunn, CG
F350 Getting to Know Fold3Agenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800On the WebGordon Atkinson
W122 Photo Detecting 101: Photo Identification Tips and TechniquesAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400MethodologyMaureen Taylor
F351 Black Sheep Ancestors and Their RecordsAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200BCG SkillbuildingC. Ann Staley, CG, CGL
W121 Problems and Pitfalls in Reasonably Shallow SearchAgenda05-07-201411:00 am1399460400BCG SkillbuildingElissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL
W101 The Evolving Library: Planning and Adapting to Meet the Needs of the Twenty-First-Century ResearchersAgenda05-07-201408:00 am1399449600Opening SessionSandra Gioia Treadway, PhD
F352 Marylanders Migrating SouthAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200MigrationPatricia O'Brien Shawker, CG
T264 Selfies, Mugshots and Instant Pictures: Early Photography and Your FamilyAgenda05-08-201407:00 pm1399575600Evening Lecture ProgramMaureen Taylor
S421 Organizing Your Research without Losing Your MindAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600BCG SkillbuildingJulie Miller, CG
F353 Criminals, Soldiers, and Apprentices: Unique UK Records for Your ResearchAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200RecordsD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
T263 The Nottoway Courthouse Bible: Delivered From the FireAgenda05-08-201407:00 pm1399575600Evening Lecture ProgramTerry Koch-Bostic
F354 German 301: Going Beyond German Church RecordsAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200 GermanJames Marion Baker, CG, PhD
T262 Shootout at the Rhododenron Lodge: Reconstructing Life-Changing EventsAgenda05-08-201407:00 pm1399575600Evening Lecture ProgramJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
F355 Researching a Civil War Soldier in VirginiaAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott, CG
S422 Using Case Studies to Learn Research Methods and Share Family InformationAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600MethodologyThomas W. Jones
T260 Diving into Archives: Uncovering ArchiveFinder and ArchiveGridAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800ToolsD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
F356 Writing a Narrative Family History: The Snares and PitfallsAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200Spreading the NewsJohn Philip Colletta, PhD
S423 Proving Immigrant Identities: Once in Europe, Then What?Agenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600MigrationF. Warren Bittner, CG
F357 Seeking DC AncestorsAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200 State ResearchSharon B. Hodges
T259 Using Mocavo to Propel Your GenealogyAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800Using TechnologyMichael J. Leclerc
F358 A Nit-Picker's Guide to the National ArchivesAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200 National ArchivesElizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CG
T258 Contrasting German Migrations: Eighteenth-Century vs. Nineteenth-Century WavesAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800 GermanJames M Beidler
S424 Gazetteers, Geographic Dictionaries, Post Office Lists, and Maps: Finding the NeighborhoodAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600RecordsCharles S. "Chuck" Mason, Jr, CG
F359 DNA and the Golden Rule: The Law and Ethics of Genetic GenealogyAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200DNAJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
S425 Colonial Migrations In and Out of the Shenandoah ValleyAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600 VirginiaVic Dunn, CG
T257 New York’s Confederate Prisons: Elmira and New York CityAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800 The New York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyJoan Koster-Morales
F360 Going Further with Ancestry's Mobile AppAgenda05-09-201404:00 pm1399651200On the WebFinn Larsen
S426 Courthouse, Archives, or Lost? Locating Kentucky County RecordsAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600 State ResearchGail Jackson Miller, CG
T256 Tracking Pennsylvania Ancestors: Keys to Successful ResearchAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800Research in the StatesKay Haviland Freilich, CG, CGL, FNGS
F361 Celebrating Genealogical Credentials—The Accreditation and Certification Programs Turn 50! - Banquet ($)Agenda05-09-201407:00 pm1399662000Social EventDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
S427 Records of the Slave Claims CommissionsAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600African AmericanMichael Hait, CG
T255 Frederick County and the First Settlers in the Shenandoah Valley of VirginiaAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800 VirginiaRebecca A. Ebert
T254 RPAC: Access to Vital Records Is Under Attack! How Can You Help?Agenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800RecordsFrederick E. Moss, JD, LLMJan Meisels Allen Jan Alpert
S428 Migrations of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturyAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600New England Historic Genealogical SocietyChris Child
S401 Using and Evaluating Family Lore: She Married a Distant Cousin in VirginiaAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800BCG SkillbuildingJ. H. Fonkert, CG
T242 Find Living Relatives Like a Private EyeAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400MethodologyLisa Louise Cooke
T253 Scottish Maps and Tools for Finding the Right PlaceAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800MigrationPaul Milner
T223 Framing the Problem for Overseas ResearchAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800MigrationDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
S431 Vital Statistics Registrars and Genealogists: We Need to Talk! - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-10-201412:15 pm1399724100Social EventPatricia Potrzebowski
T252 Can a Complex Research Problem be Solved Solely Online?Agenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800MethodologyThomas W. Jones
T251 Finding Thomas’s FatherAgenda05-08-201404:00 pm1399564800BCG SkillbuildingPam Stone Eagleson, CG
S432 After Appomattox, Researching Confederate Veterans in Post-Civil War America - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-10-201412:15 pm1399724100Social EventDavid Allen Lambert
T250 Snagit for GenealogistsAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400ToolsMichael Brophy
S433 The “Real War” of Our Civil War Ancestors: Stories of Johnny Reb and Billy Yank - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-10-201412:15 pm1399724100Social EventKen Nelson, AG
T249 The Memory Ninja: Using Pinterest to Engage Your Family in Memory CollectionAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400Using TechnologyCheri J. Daniels, MSLS
S441 Working with Documents: The Importance of Context in Record AnalysisAgenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200BCG SkillbuildingBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
T248 How to Overcome Brick Wall Problems in Pennsylvania German ResearchAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400 GermanMichael D. Lacopo, DVM
S442 Taxes: The Gift That Keeps On Genealogists!Agenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200MethodologySharon Cook MacInnes, PhD
T247 Upside Down Migration: South Carolina to Nova Scotia to New YorkAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400 The New York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyTerry Koch-Bostic
S404 Genealogy 201: Working with Records - Workshop ($)Agenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800RecordsAnn Carter Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGSKay Haviland Freilich, CG, CGL, FNGS
T246 Missouri: The Crossroads of AmericaAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400Research in the StatesAnn Carter Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGS
S443 How to Prepare for Successful Research in European RecordsAgenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200MigrationJohn Philip Colletta, PhD
T245 Stories of Western Virginia as Told by the Augusta County Chancery Causes, 1746–1865Agenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400 VirginiaGreg Crawford
S405 From French Towns and Farms to Virginian Plantations: The Huguenots Diversified the Old Dominion's HeritageAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800 VirginiaEric G. Grundset, MLS
T244 Where Would You Go If You Had Five Days in Washington, DC?Agenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400RecordsPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL
S444 Maps! Wonderful Maps! - Workshop ($)Agenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200RecordsPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGLRick Sayre, CG, CGL
S406 What's a Prothonotary?: Pennsylvania's Courthouse RecordsAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800 State ResearchElissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL
S445 Seventeenth Century Virginia Ancestors: A Research Case StudyAgenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200 VirginiaDonald W. Moore, CG
F342 From Ulster to Virginia and the CarolinasAgenda05-09-201402:30 pm1399645800MigrationDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
S407 United States Colored Troops Civil War Widows’ Pension Applications: Tell the StoryAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800African AmericanBernice Bennett
S446 Tennessee, the Road to the WestAgenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200 State ResearchJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
S408 Research Strategies for Upstate New YorkAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800New England Historic Genealogical SocietyHenry B. Hoff, CG, FASG
S402 Where Did Grandpa Work? Researching an Ancestor's CareerAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800MethodologyBrent D. Morgan
S447 African American Research at the Library of Virginia: Genealogy to 1870Agenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200African AmericanCara F. Griggs
S409 Your Computer: Back It Up or Lose It, Data Backup from A to ZAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800PotpourriAndrew Klein
T241 Using Evidence Creatively: Spotting Clues in Run-of-the-Mill RecordsAgenda05-08-201402:30 pm1399559400BCG SkillbuildingElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
S448 Researching Your French-Canadian Ancestors at NEHGSAgenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200New England Historic Genealogical SocietyRhonda R. McClure
T233 The Swiss and Palatine Story of New Bern, North Carolina - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-08-201412:15 pm1399551300Social EventVictor T. Jones Jr.
S411 Rich, Poor, and All the Rest: Why Class Matters to GenealogistsAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200BCG SkillbuildingStefani Evans, CG
S449 I Can't See My Audience: Web-Based PresentationsAgenda05-10-201402:30 pm1399732200PotpourriNancy Waters Lauer
S412 Census Techniques and Strategies for Finding Elusive AncestorsAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200MethodologyJason Brent Harrison, CG
T232 How to Assemble a Weighty Genealogical Tome and Survive the Experience! - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-08-201412:15 pm1399551300Social EventNaomi Joshi
S413 Loyalist Refugees in CanadaAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200MigrationAlison Hare, CG
S415 A Treasure Trove of Rarely Used RecordsAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200 VirginiaBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
S416 Pennsylvania's Treasure Trove of Land Tract Records: A Genealogist's Dream!Agenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200 State ResearchSharon Cook MacInnes, PhD
S451 Murder and Mayhem on the River: The Life of the HarpesAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600BCG SkillbuildingGail Jackson Miller, CG
T231 You Can’t Know Where You’re Going ‘til You Know Where You’ve Been - Luncheon ($)Agenda05-08-201412:15 pm1399551300Social EventF. Warren Bittner, CG
S417 The ‘Free Negro’ Dilemma in Virginia: Under-Utilized Documents for Blacks and WhitesAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200African AmericanLeslie Anderson
S452 In a Rut? 7 Ways to Jumpstart Your ResearchAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
S418 Westward Migration Out of New EnglandAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200New England Historic Genealogical SocietyChris Child
T229 Beyond Like and Poke: Social Media for GenealogyAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800Using TechnologyPatricia Moseley Van Skaik, MLS
S453 We All Descend from Immigrants: Discovering Old-World Origins with U.S. RecordsAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600MigrationDavid Ouimette, CG
S455 Virginia Colonial Parish RecordsAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600 VirginiaAnn K. Blomquist
T228 Researching a Hessian Soldier in the American RevolutionAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800 GermanCraig Roberts Scott, CG
S456 South Carolina ResearchAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600 State ResearchJeffrey L. Haines, CG
T227 Are Your New York Ancestors’ Records Hidden Under a Surname Variation?Agenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800 The New York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyTerry Koch-Bostic
S457 Freedmen’s Bureau Labor Contracts: A Closer LookAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600African AmericanWevonneda Minis
S429 Picture This: Images You Can Freely UseAgenda05-10-201411:00 am1399719600PotpourriJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
S458 Making Midwest Connections at NEHGSAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600New England Historic Genealogical SocietyRhonda R. McClure
T226 Wild, Wonderful West VirginiaAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800Research in the StatesBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
S419 Tools to Help You Share Family StoriesAgenda05-10-201409:30 am1399714200PotpourriTammy A. Hepps
T225 My Ancestor Came to Colonial America as an Indentured ServantAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800 VirginiaNathan W. Murphy, AG
S459 Keep the Message Consistent—Sell/Document/Deliver from Proposal to Syllabus to PresentationAgenda05-10-201404:00 pm1399737600PotpourriDiana Crisman Smith
T230 Creating Family History Books Using Digital ScrapbookingAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800ToolsKaren Denise Burney
T224 Finding Family Information in School District RecordsAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800RecordsPam Stone Eagleson, CG
T201 When the Trail Turns Cold: New Strategies for Old ProblemsAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000BCG SkillbuildingDiane Florence Gravel, CG
S403 The Migration Triangle: Virginia, the Carolinas, and TennesseeAgenda05-10-201408:00 am1399708800MigrationJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
T211 BCG Certification SeminarAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400BCG SkillbuildingElissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGLJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGLDebbie Parker Wayne, CG, CGL
T202 Research Strategies That Work (Helen F. M. Leary Distinguished Lecture)Agenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000MethodologyKay Haviland Freilich, CG, CGL, FNGS
T222 Oh, the Things You Can Map: Mapping Data, Memory, and Historical ContextAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800MethodologyStefani Evans, CG
T212 Finding Family History in Published Legal RecordsAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400MethodologySharon Tate Moody, CG
T203 The Chesapeake & New England: Colonial Connections and MigrationsAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000MigrationEric G. Grundset, MLS
T213 FamilySearch Wiki Guide to English ResearchAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400MigrationNathan W. Murphy, AG
T221 BCG Certification SeminarAgenda05-08-201411:00 am1399546800BCG SkillbuildingElissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGLJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGLDebbie Parker Wayne, CG, CGL
T214 Records of the Federal Courts, 1789–1911: Drama in Your Ancestors' LivesAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400RecordsJohn Philip Colletta, PhD
T204 Finders Keepers: Retrieving One Document in a Million, Instantly!Agenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000RecordsJill N. Crandell, AG
T215 Records of the Northern Neck ProprietaryAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400 VirginiaVic Dunn, CG
T220 An Inside Look at How AncestryDNA Can Take Your Search Even FurtherAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400ToolsKenny Freestone
T219 Tech Tools That Catapult the Newspaper Research Process into the Twenty-First CenturyAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400Using TechnologyLisa Louise Cooke
T216 The Old Line State: Research at the Maryland State ArchivesAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400Research in the StatesPatricia O'Brien Shawker, CG
T205 From Jamestown to the Present: The Records of the Virginia Land OfficeAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000 VirginiaBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
T217 Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-Used ResourcesAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400 The New York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyJane E. Wilcox
T218 300 Years in Virginia: The Germanna Colonies and Their LegacyAgenda05-08-201409:30 am1399541400 GermanKatharine Lowe Brown, PhD
T206 North Carolina ResearchAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000Research in the StatesJeffrey L. Haines, CG
T208 Searching for a Pennsylvania German AncestorAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000 GermanJames M Beidler
T210 Adding Evernote to Your Genealogy ToolboxAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000ToolsJulie Miller, CG
T207 Navigating the Past: Gazetteers and GenealogistsAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000 The New York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyNaomi Joshi
T209 Family History Writing Made Easier: Cloud-Based Tools Every Genealogist Can UseAgenda05-08-201408:00 am1399536000Using TechnologyLisa A. Alzo
T265 Social Media Tips from the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories ™Agenda05-09-201407:00 pm1399662000Evening Lecture ProgramFran Jensen, MPA
LIB04 Civil War 150 Legacy Project: Document Digitization and AccessAgenda05-06-201402:45 pm1399387500Librarians' DayRenee M. Savits
S462 NGS Annual MeetingAgenda05-10-201405:15 pm1399742100Special EventsJordan Jones
W163 Society NightAgenda05-07-201405:15 pm1399482900Social Event
T200 First-Timers' Breakfast ($)Agenda05-08-201407:00 am1399532400Social Event
S461 Youth CampAgenda05-10-201408:30 am1399710600Special Events
T261 VGS Host Society Event ($)Agenda05-08-201406:00 pm1399572000Social Event
I Rest My Case: Constructing a Convincing Proof Argument ($)Agenda05-06-201408:30 am1399365000Putting Skills to Work, BCG Education FundVic Dunn, CG
Passing Out the Property: The Probate Process ($)Agenda05-06-201408:30 am1399365000Putting Skills to Work, BCG Education FundSharon Tate Moody, CG

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