Conference FAQs

When will registration open for the conference?

Online registration for the NGS 2015 Family History Conference opens on Monday, 1 December 2014. Registration brochures will be mailed to members with the December 2014 NGS Quarterly. E-mail Courtney Holmes to request a brochure to be mailed to you.

Registration fees are as follows

Member Non-Member
 Full Registration (all four days) – Early Bird Pricing $195 $230
 Full Registration (all four days) – Postmarked after 30 March 2015 $230 $265
 One-Day Registration – Early Bird Pricing $105 $105
 One-Day Registration – Postmarked after 30 March 2015 $115 $115

All conference registrants will receive the conference syllabus on a flash drive. In addition, Early Bird registrants only, received online or postmarked by 30 March 2015 may order a printed syllabus for an additional $25.

What is the proper attire for the conferences?

Most attendees dress in casual or business attire during the day and in business clothing for social events. Wear good walking shoes and bring layers; air-conditioning is difficult to regulate in large facilities, and lecture rooms can be overly warm or chilly.

Are conference sessions being taped this year?

Yes. JAMB, Inc., will record lectures by speakers who granted permission to record. Sessions not being taped are identified in the conference program with a pen that indicates “note taking.” JAMB will sell audio CDs and MP3s on-site during the conference and afterward from the JAMB, Inc. website. Please note that JAMB will record only the sessions of speakers who gave permission.

I am a complete beginner. Are NGS conferences suitable for me?

Absolutely. Beginners revitalize our field. NGS welcomes and encourages genealogists of all levels to attend NGS conferences. Each speaker targets lectures to a certain level of research expertise, from beginner to advance. Beginners will especially enjoy lectures labeled “Beginner” or “All,” but they will also learn from lectures targeted to more advanced audiences. Beginners will also benefit by visiting the exhibit hall, which features genealogical software, books, research aids, genealogical and historical societies, and much more.

Click here for “Tips for First Time Conference Attendees.”

I do more than Missouri research. Will this conference benefit me?

Yes, NGS Family History Conferences are geared towards all researchers, wherever their interests lie. NGS holds conferences in different parts of the country to enable our members throughout the United States to attend. Each year the main focus is on a certain geographical area and research in that area. However, all NGS conferences contain sessions on varied ethnicities, methodologies, migrations, record groups, regions, and technologies.

Where are the sessions and all events held?

The sessions and events will be held in the St. Charles Conference Center. The exhibit hall, lectures, registration, luncheons, à la carte food items will be available at the conference center. See the Conference Registration Brochure for specific details.

What does my conference registration include?

The full conference registration includes admission to all sessions and lectures. Single-day registrations include admission to all sessions and lectures on that particular day. Social events, (luncheons, the NGS Banquet, and the StLGS BBQ Dinner), tours, and workshops require an additional fee and must be purchased during pre-registration.

Must I be a librarian to sign up for Librarian’s Day?

No, it is not a requirement. However, the program is tailored for genealogical librarians and librarians who serve genealogists. This pre-conference event requires advance registration.

Do I have to pay for a conference registration if I just want to attend a workshop?

Yes and no. Conference registration is not required for the BCG Education Fund Workshop, Librarians’ Day, Youth Camp, or German Studies: Understanding German Records and Methodology. However, each does require registration for the particular event. A conference registration is required for all other workshops.

I only want to attend a luncheon or dinner at the conference. Do I have to register for the conference?

No, you may select the “Meals Only” registration option and pay to attend the social event(s) you choose.

Can I attend a luncheon without paying if I don’t eat?

No, you may not attend without purchasing a luncheon ticket. Luncheons are “meal events.” People who purchase tickets are not only paying for the
meal, they are also paying to hear the luncheon speaker’s presentation.

Can I just stand in the back of the lunch room to listen to the lecture?

No, you may not stand in the back or be in the room without purchasing a luncheon ticket. Luncheons are “meal events.” People who purchase tickets are not only paying for the meal, they are also paying to hear the luncheon speaker’s presentation.

Can I purchase luncheon and dinner tickets on-site?

Unfortunately not. All meal tickets must be purchased prior to 29 April 2015, because NGS must give a meal count to the caterer.

I have registered for the conference and need to make changes. How can I do that?

To add luncheons, dinners, or workshops to your existing registration, log on at, click on My Account, and then My Events. If you are asked to select a registration type, choose Meals Only. You may print a copy of your Agenda, add workshops and meal events, or add events to your calendar. For cancellations and questions, please e-mail our conference registrar, Courtney Holmes.

I would like to Volunteer at the upcoming conference, who should I contact?

Contact Volunteer Co-Chairs, Karen or Jeani at

Questions? Contact NGS Registrar Courtney Holmes at or refer to FAQs.

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