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Bounty Land: State and FederalProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Land RecordsDebra S. Mieszala, CG
“Ordinary” People, Extraordinary LivesProgram05-04-201608:00 am1462348800Opening SessionConnie L. Lester, Ph.D.
When Worlds Collide: Resolving Conflicts in Genealogical RecordsProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600BCG SkillbuildingJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Grandma Got Me Hooked! What Now?Program05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Starting OffDiane Florence Gravel, CG
Introduction to Tracing Your Cuban RootsProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Gulf Coast and CaribbeanMartha Nereyda Ibañez Zervoudakis
Cool Tools for the CemeteryProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600CemeteriesRick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
Getting More from Court Records: Order Books, Minute Books, Dockets & Associated Loose PapersProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Courthouse ResearchVic Dunn, CG
Buns, Beards, Bodices, and Bustles: Clues to Understanding Who Your Ancestors Really WereProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600ContextMaureen Alice Taylor
Problem Solving in the Problem-Riddled Carolina BackcountryProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Tips and TechniquesElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
"Gone to the Yankees!”":  Civil War LoyalistsProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Florida MilitaryJordan D. Jones
Using 19th and 20th Century State Census ReturnsProgram05-04-201611:00 am1462359600Resources and RepositoriesDavid Allen Lambert
Discovering the Memories of Your Ancestors through FamilySearch ($)Program05-04-201612:15 pm1462364100Social EventMichael J. Hall
British Connection Resolves Mysteries about this Storied Boat ($)' id='etched-in-stone-the-h-l-hunleys-british-connection-resolves-mysteries-about-this-storied-boat' />Etched in Stone? The H.L. Hunley's British Connection Resolves Mysteries about this Storied Boat ($)Program05-04-201612:15 pm1462364100Social EventEric Stroschein
Walk This Way ($)Program05-04-201612:15 pm1462364100Social EventDavid McDonald, CG
A New Document! Now What?Program05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200BCG SkillbuildingJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
“Beginning at a Black Oak”: A Neighborhood Reconstruction in Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Land RecordsKaren Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS
Pathways to Success: How to Learn New ThingsProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Starting OffPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
The Gulf Coast and Caribbean during the American RevolutionProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Gulf Coast and CaribbeanThomas John Ragusin
Segregated in Death – Black Cemeteries in the SouthProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200CemeteriesJanice Lovelace, PhD
Chancery Records: The Secrets They Hold, the Families They RevealProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Courthouse ResearchBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
Using Social History and Historical Fiction to Enhance Your ResearchProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200ContextBeth Ann Stahr, CG, MLS
Using Bibles in Genealogical ResearchProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Tips and TechniquesPam Stone Eagleson, CG
Struggle for Survival: Southern Loyalists Escape to East Florida Only To Be Exiled AgainProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Florida MilitaryTerry Koch-Bostic
A Translation Toolkit for GenealogistsProgram05-04-201602:30 pm1462372200Resources and RepositoriesMarlis Humphrey
Developing a Successful and Efficient Research PlanProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600BCG SkillbuildingGail Jackson Miller, CG
State-Land State Deed Records 101: Understanding, Mapping, and Finding RelationshipsProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Land RecordsRebecca Whitman Koford, CG
Don't Panic Yet: Citation for BeginnersProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Starting OffShellee A. Morehead, PhD, CG
Researching Your Conch Ancestors from the Bahamas to FloridaProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Gulf Coast and CaribbeanJeffrey Lee Haines, CG
CSI for CemeteriesProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600CemeteriesLaDonna Garner, CG
What Did Your Ancestors Leave You? Probing into ProbateProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Courthouse ResearchChristine Crawford-Oppenheimer, MLS
Context and More: JSTOR for GenealogistsProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600ContextD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
How the Virginia Genealogical Society made Virginia Vital Records More Accessible. Program05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Tips and TechniquesPeter E. Broadbent, Jr., JD
Florida in the Civil WarProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Florida MilitaryRick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
Louisiana: A Gumbo of ResourcesProgram05-04-201604:00 pm1462377600Resources and RepositoriesTonja Koob Marking, PhD
Learning Genealogy - NGS StyleProgram05-04-201605:15 pm1462382100Social EventJordan D. JonesPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
Evidence: Let’s Get All SherlockProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200BCG SkillbuildingBarbara Jean Mathews, CG, FASG
Mapping Apps for Genealogists (LS)Program05-05-201608:00 am1462435200Land RecordsRick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
The Preliminary Survey: Beginning a New Research ProjectProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200Organizing and PlanningJill N. Crandell, AG
Cuban Genealogy – A Current ReviewProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200Gulf Coast and CaribbeanEduardo "Ed" L. Elizondo
A Tour of New York State Genealogical Research Repositories: The Best—Part 1Program05-05-201608:00 am1462435200New York ResearchJane E. Wilcox
Ten Best Storytelling WebsitesProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200Sharing Your Research StoriesLisa A. Alzo, MFA
Using Manuscripts in African American ResearchProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200African AmericanDeborah Ann Abbott, PhD
Adoption Research: Techniques For Finding Unknown FamiliesProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200Tips and TechniquesEric Stroschein
Grand Army of the Republic, Loyal Legion, and Other Civil War Union Veterans’ AssociationsProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200MilitaryDennis Patrick Northcott
The Civilian Conservation Corps – A New Deal ProgramProgram05-05-201608:00 am1462435200Resources and RepositoriesPatricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL
BCG Certification Seminar Part 1Program05-05-201609:30 am1462440600BCG SkillbuildingJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CGMichael S. Ramage, JD, CGJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Private Land Claims (LS)Program05-05-201609:30 am1462440600Land RecordsPamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
Before You Click: Creating Your Online Research PlanProgram05-05-201609:30 am1462440600Organizing and PlanningD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
Behind Closed Doors: An Introduction to PlaçageProgram05-05-201609:30 am1462440600Gulf Coast and CaribbeanBeth Ann Stahr, CG, MLS
A Tour of New York State Genealogical Research Repositories: The Best—Part 2Program05-05-201609:30 am1462440600New York ResearchJane E. Wilcox
What They Don’t Tell You About Family History PublishingProgram05-05-201609:30 am1462440600Sharing Your Research StoriesMarlis Humphrey
Recovering Identities of Slaves of Roseland Plantation, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana: A Case StudyProgram05-05-201609:30 am1462440600African AmericanTonja Koob Marking, PhD
Visualizing Information for GenealogistsProgram05-05-201609:30 am1462440600Tips and TechniquesMargaret R. Fortier
Duty, Honor, Service: Freemen of Color at the Battle of New Orleans, War 1812Program05-05-201609:30 am1462440600MilitaryMichael Nolden Henderson
Letterpress to Digital: Using the Full Range of Newspaper ResourcesProgram05-05-201609:30 am1462440600Resources and RepositoriesJames M. Beidler
BCG Certification Seminar Part 2Program05-05-201611:00 am1462446000BCG SkillbuildingJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CGMichael S. Ramage, JD, CGJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Are You Lost: Maps and Gazetteers for English and Welsh Research (LS)Program05-05-201611:00 am1462446000Land RecordsPaul Milner
What Do I Do With All This STUFF? Mission: OrganizationProgram05-05-201611:00 am1462446000Organizing and PlanningC. Ann Staley, CG, CGL
Researching French Refugees from St. DomingueProgram05-05-201611:00 am1462446000Gulf Coast and CaribbeanMichael Hait, CG
The New York Family History Reference Shelf: Essential Print and Online ResourcesProgram05-05-201611:00 am1462446000New York ResearchTerry Koch-Bostic
Going Beyond the Bare Bones: Reconstructing Your Ancestors’ LivesProgram05-05-201611:00 am1462446000Sharing Your Research StoriesThomas Wright Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
Freedmen’s Bureau Records – More Valuable to Anyone’s Southern Research than You Might Have Thought!Program05-05-201611:00 am1462446000African AmericanDiane L Richard
"A Family of Fiends": An Antebellum Tale of Southern MurderProgram05-05-201611:00 am1462446000Tips and TechniquesJordan D. Jones
Colored Confederate Pension Applications: Original Sources for Genealogical and Ownership Information of Former SlavesProgram05-05-201611:00 am1462446000MilitaryJanis Minor Forté
Justice of the Peace: Miscellany, Mischief, Marriages, and More!Program05-05-201611:00 am1462446000Resources and RepositoriesDiane Florence Gravel, CG
Leaving a Lasting Footprint: Collaborate, Advocate, and Promote ($)Program05-05-201612:15 pm1462450500Social EventJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
Lost Eyes, Whipping Posts, and Wife Swapping: Lessons from Yesteryear ($)Program05-05-201612:15 pm1462450500Social EventElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
To the Rescue: 10 Times A Local Society has Saved My Bacon ($)Program05-05-201612:15 pm1462450500Social EventD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
An Ancestry For Robert Walker of Rockingham County, NCProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600BCG SkillbuildingPam Stone Eagleson, CG
Deed Books: More Than Just Land Records (LS)Program05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600Land RecordsVic Dunn, CG
A Path to Next Research Steps: Using Timelines to Organize, Evaluate, and Analyze EvidenceProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600Organizing and PlanningAnnette Burke Lyttle
Why Tampico? The Exodus of Pensacola's Creoles of ColorProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600Gulf Coast and CaribbeanAmy Larner Giroux, PhD, CG, CGL
New York City and Long Island: Outstanding Research Repositories and ResourcesProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600New York ResearchTerry Koch-Bostic
The Write Stuff: Family Histories with Substance and AppealProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600Sharing Your Research StoriesDebra S. Mieszala, CG
Researching African Americans in the Wake of the Civil War: A Case StudyProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600African AmericanWevonneda Minis
SHUSH! It is a Secret. Did Your Ancestor Belong?Program05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600Tips and TechniquesCharles S. “Chuck” Mason, Jr., CG
Ticks, Chiggers, and Snakes: Civil War Diaries, Letters, and Military Records in Southern Archives and LibrariesProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600MilitarySara Anne Scribner, CG
Carriers of News and Knowledge: Post Office RecordsProgram05-05-201602:30 pm1462458600Resources and RepositoriesJulie Miller, CG
Dissection & Analysis of Research ProblemsProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000BCG SkillbuildingElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
How to Follow and Envision Your Ancestor’s Footprints Through Time with Google Earth (LS)Program05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000Land RecordsLisa Louise Cooke
Fire! Flood! Hurricane! Hard Drive Crash! Disaster Preparedness for GenealogistsProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000Organizing and PlanningChristine Crawford-Oppenheimer, MLS
Barbados ResearchProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000Gulf Coast and CaribbeanJeffrey Lee Haines, CG
Albany, State Capital: Spotlight on New York State Archives and LibraryProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000New York ResearchKaren Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS
Social History and the Family NarrativeProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000Sharing Your Research StoriesRebecca Whitman Koford, CG
Separate but Unequal: Slave Laws and their RecordsProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000African AmericanJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Local Support Groups for Free: College, University, and Public Library DatabasesProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000Tips and TechniquesMargo Fariss Brewer
Researching WWI and WWII Military RecordsProgram05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000MilitaryDavid Allen Lambert
The Records of the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers 1866–1938Program05-05-201604:00 pm1462464000Resources and RepositoriesJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
On a Scale of One to Ten: Weighing the EvidenceProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600BCG SkillbuildingBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
Reasonably Exhaustive Research: The First Criteria for Genealogical Proof (LS)Program05-06-201608:00 am1462521600Methods for SuccessElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
Chromosome Mapping Workshop ($)Program05-06-201608:00 am1462521600WorkshopAngie Bush
Introduction to Jewish GenealogyProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600JewishMarlis Humphrey
Evernote for Everything ElseProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600Internet and TechnologyJennifer Dondero
The Properly Dressed Southern BelleProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600WomenJeannette Piecznski
Manumissions and Motivations: Decoding Freedom Papers to Uncover Family ConnectionsProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600African AmericanMichael Nolden Henderson
Your Ancestor Was … Occupations of Our AncestorsProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600Tips and TechniquesNancy Waters Lauer
Searching for Niels, Ole or Sven: Scandinavian Patronymics & MoreProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600Across the PondDiana Crisman Smith
Newspaper Research: Beyond the BirdcageProgram05-06-201608:00 am1462521600Resources and RepositoriesDebra S. Mieszala, CG
Sharing With Others: How to Convey Evidence (LS)Program05-06-201609:30 am1462527000BCG SkillbuildingJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
Focus on Place: Building Locality Profiles for Your ResearchProgram05-06-201609:30 am1462527000Methods for SuccessD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
How Zeev Became Velvel: Mastering Ashkenazi-Jewish NamesProgram05-06-201609:30 am1462527000JewishSara Anne Scribner, CG
Ultimate Google Search Strategies for Genealogy 2.0Program05-06-201609:30 am1462527000Internet and TechnologyLisa Louise Cooke
Women in the World of PiracyProgram05-06-201609:30 am1462527000WomenDiane Florence Gravel, CG
Slave Research: It’s a Needle in a Haystack!Program05-06-201609:30 am1462527000African AmericanDeborah Ann Abbott, PhD
Same Name, Must Be Same Person? Is That Really Your Ancestor?Program05-06-201609:30 am1462527000Tips and TechniquesChristine Crawford-Oppenheimer, MLS
Your Immigrants’ Germany: Microstates and MicrobreweriesProgram05-06-201609:30 am1462527000Across the PondJames M. Beidler
Beyond the Obvious: How to Scrutinize and Interpret the Census Slave SchedulesProgram05-06-201609:30 am1462527000Resources and RepositoriesEmma Davis Hamilton
Systematically Using Autosomal DNA Test Results to Help Break Through Genealogical Brick Walls (LS)Program05-06-201611:00 am1462532400BCG SkillbuildingThomas Wright Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
Categories in Context: Using Historical Attributes to Research Your Ancestor’s LivesProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400Methods for SuccessAmy Larner Giroux, PhD, CG, CGL
Autosomal DNA Testing – Using Excel Spreadsheets to Organize and Track ResultsProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400DNADebra Smith Renard
Back to the Shtetl: Eastern European Jewish RecordsProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400JewishAmy L. Wachs, JD
Finding and Using Online Legal ResourcesProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400Internet and TechnologyMichael Hait, CG
Homespun and Calico – Researching Our ForemothersProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400WomenPeggy L. Lauritzen, AG
Finding Freedmen Marriage RecordsProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400African AmericanJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
On Death & Dying: Changes in Medical Care in the 19th CenturyProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400Tips and TechniquesJill Morelli
El Regalo Real – Spain’s Contribution to the American RevolutionProgram05-06-201611:00 am1462532400Across the PondBarbara M. Randall
Territorial Papers of the Southeastern United States (1798–1845)Program05-06-201611:00 am1462532400Resources and RepositoriesRick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
Three Lawyers Walk into a Luncheon: Spilling the Goods on Copyright ($)Program05-06-201612:15 pm1462536900Social EventDonn Devine, JD, CG, FNGSMichael S. Ramage, JD, CGJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Cultivating Your Genealogy ($)Program05-06-201612:15 pm1462536900Social EventDick Eastman
Genetic Surprises, DNA, and "Non-paternity" Events ($)Program05-06-201612:15 pm1462536900Social EventChristopher C. Child
Eddie Wenck: The Case of a Little Lost BoyProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000BCG SkillbuildingJulie Miller, CG
Ethics in Genealogy – Professional and Personal (LS)Program05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000Methods for SuccessDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
DNA Testing and Your Ethnic OriginsProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000DNADiahan Lyn Southard
The Other Side of Jewish Genealogy: Sephardic ResourcesProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000JewishSchelly Talalay Dardashti
Electronic Spreadsheets are not just for Sorting and Making Form Templates!Program05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000Internet and TechnologyPam Riccardi-Paschke
Military Men, Pacifists and the Women They Loved: Tracking Down the Revolutionary War GenerationProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000WomenMaureen Alice Taylor
Overlooked History: African American Cemeteries as a Springboard for Genealogical StudyProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000African AmericanRoberto Fernandez, III
The Devil is in the Detail: Finding the Truth in the Undocumented StoryProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000Tips and TechniquesGail Jackson Miller, CG
Italian Genealogy Research in Italy and from HomeProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000Across the PondMary M. Tedesco
Finding Your Ancestors in Company Employee Magazines and Trade MagazinesProgram05-06-201602:30 pm1462545000Resources and RepositoriesDennis Patrick Northcott
Doughnut Holes and Family Skeletons: Meeting the GPS through Negative and Indirect Evidence (LS)Program05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400BCG SkillbuildingStefani Evans, CG
Siblings Matter: Using Siblings and Cousins to Solve Genealogical ProblemsProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400Methods for SuccessAmy Harris, PhD, AG
How to Use to Optimize Your DNA Testing ExperienceProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400DNAGinger R. Smith, MLS
Judaism in DixieProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400JewishBeth Ann Stahr, CG, MLS
Maximizing Search - Tips and Tricks for Ancestry.comProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400Internet and TechnologyCrista Cowan
Dower and Dowry: Women, Property, & Legal RecordsProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400WomenJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Mining Historically Black College Newspapers for History and HeritageProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400African AmericanPamela E. Foster
Grandma’s Obituary Box: Obituaries in Genealogical Research and Their Role in American CultureProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400Tips and TechniquesPam Stone Eagleson, CG
How to Overcome Brick Walls in Eastern European ResearchProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400Across the PondLisa A. Alzo, MFA
Going Beyond the Population Count: Exploring Census Supplemental Schedules: Their Content and Genealogical ValueProgram05-06-201604:00 pm1462550400Resources and RepositoriesJanis Minor Forté
It Don't Matter ($)Program05-06-201607:00 pm1462561200Social EventDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
Clusters and Chains for Genealogical SuccessProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000BCG SkillbuildingShellee A. Morehead, PhD, CG
Un-puzzling Birthing History: Using 19th Century Records to Verify Birthing – A Case StudyProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000Methods for SuccessJanis Minor Forté
Your Pedigree Can Benefit from YDNA and mtDNA TestingProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000DNADiahan Lyn Southard
A ‘Hand-out’ for Your Poor Ancestors – Local Parishes and Counties Did Step UpProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000State ResearchDiane L Richard
iPad Genealogy: Carry Your Documents with You!Program05-07-201608:00 am1462608000Internet and TechnologyPeggy R. Baldwin, MLS
Identifying Women: The Ultimate Brick WallProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000WomenBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
The French Heritage in FloridaProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000FloridaMargaret R. Fortier
Alien Registration RecordsProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000Changing PlacesJulie Miller, CG
Using Griffith’s Valuation to Identify Your Ancestors' Origins: A Case StudyProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000British IslesDonna M. Moughty
Bringing Life to Our Ancestors: Manuscript CollectionsProgram05-07-201608:00 am1462608000Resources and RepositoriesJeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
Citing Your Writing: Models for Documenting Your GenealogyProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400BCG SkillbuildingMichael Hait, CG
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Research: Resources, Methods, and SkillsProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400Methods for SuccessDebra S. Mieszala, CG
’Cuz We’re Cousins – Using Autosomal DNA Testing to Break Down Brick WallsProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400DNADebra Smith Renard
GTT – Tennesseans Gone To TexasProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400State ResearchCarrie Eldridge
The Ancestry Family – What Products are Available?Program05-07-201609:30 am1462613400Internet and TechnologyTBD Ancestry
Finding American Women’s Voices through the Centuries: Letters, Journals, Newspapers and Court RecordsProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400WomenJane E. Wilcox
West Florida Pre-1830: the History, the People, and the RecordsProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400FloridaSharon D. Monson
The ‘Push’ and the ‘Pull’: Decision Making of the 19th Century EmigrantProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400Changing PlacesJill Morelli
Buried Treasures: What’s in the English Parish ChestProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400British IslesPaul Milner
City Directories – A Line-by-line Account of Our AncestorsProgram05-07-201609:30 am1462613400Resources and RepositoriesC. Ann Staley, CG, CGL
I Rest My Case: Constructing a Convincing Proof ArgumentProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800BCG SkillbuildingVic Dunn, CG
Missing Something? Getting the Most out of Genealogical EvidenceProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800Methods for SuccessThomas Wright Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
Who were Robert King’s Parents?Program05-07-201611:00 am1462618800DNAGinger R. Smith, MLS
Georgia on My Mind: Colonial Research in GeorgiaProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800State ResearchKristin Harms
Leaving Your Digital Footprint: Preserving Your FilesProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800Internet and TechnologyD. Joshua Taylor, MLS
The Hidden Gender – Finding Women in Courthouse RecordsProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800WomenJanice Lovelace, PhD
Online Antebellum Research for the Early 1800s in FloridaProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800FloridaJames Marion Baker, PhD, CG
Off the Beaten Path: Understanding How History Drives Migration to Find Lost AncestorsProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800Changing PlacesRorey A. Cathcart
Irish Church Records and Methodology for ResearchProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800British IslesDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
Enumerators, Transcribers, and Indexers: Finding Ancestors in Spite of ThemProgram05-07-201611:00 am1462618800Resources and RepositoriesBeth Ann Stahr, CG, MLS
Light Bulbs and A-ha Moments: Tales of Learning and Understanding ($)Program05-07-201612:15 pm1462623300Social EventMichael Hait, CG
Experiencing Georgia’s Land Lotteries ($)Program05-07-201612:15 pm1462623300Social EventSusan Sloan
Does the Data Fit? Using Evidence Summaries to Assist Your AnalysisProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400BCG SkillbuildingAmy Larner Giroux, PhD, CG, CGL
Okay, I “Got the Neighbors”—Now What Do I DO With Them?!Program05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400Methods for SuccessElizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
Should We DNA Test? Balancing Technological Possibilities and Human Values. Who decides?Program05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400DNADavid Dowell, PhD
South Carolina Land RecordsProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400State ResearchJeffrey Lee Haines, CG
Finessing Facebook: The Ins and Outs of the World’s Most Popular Social Media PlatformProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400Internet and TechnologyJen C. Baldwin
Finding Women in Federal RecordsProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400WomenMargo Fariss Brewer
Laws of the Indies: Spanish Florida Laws and the Records They ProducedProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400FloridaJudy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Gone to Florida! Tracking Migrants from Antebellum South CarolinaProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400Changing PlacesNancy A. Peters, CG
Seeking Your Scots-Irish AncestorsProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400British IslesDonna M. Moughty
It Wasn’t in the Will! Dazzling Discoveries with Probate RecordsProgram05-07-201602:30 pm1462631400Resources and RepositoriesDiane Florence Gravel, CG
How I Built My Own Brick Wall and the Sledgehammer of ExperienceProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800BCG SkillbuildingRebecca Whitman Koford, CG
Solving Genealogical Problems with Unimaged Original RecordsProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800Methods for SuccessThomas Wright Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
Sex, DNA, and Family HistoryProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800DNAShellee A. Morehead, PhD, CG
Tarheels and Carolina RecordsProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800State ResearchJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
Hidden Treasure from FamilySearch.orgProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800Internet and TechnologyRobert Raymond
Finding Your Femme Fatales: Exploring the Dark Side of Female AncestorsProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800WomenLisa A. Alzo, MFA
Florida Memory: Accessing and Utilizing the Florida State Archives Online CollectionsProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800FloridaMauri Stotts Pratt, AG
Backtracking Your Migrating Ancestors: A Methodology That WorksProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800Changing PlacesBarbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS
Irish Immigration into the Southern StatesProgram05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800British IslesDavid E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
Mother’s Pension Records, Rich Records for the Poor: The Beginning of Welfare (AFDC)Program05-07-201604:00 pm1462636800Resources and RepositoriesEric Stroschein
Chromosome Mapping Workshop ($)Program05-05-201608:00 am1462435200WorkshopAngie Bush
Taste of Florida ($)Program05-05-201606:00 pm1462471200Program