Call for Papers

NGS 2016 Family History Conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Deadline for Submissions – 11:59 p.m. EDT, 1 April 2015

Applicants will be notified by the end of September of 2015

NGS2016NGS invites speakers and sponsoring organizations to submit lecture proposals for the 2016 Family History Conference, Exploring the Centuries…Footprints in Time. The Florida State Genealogical Society is the local host for this conference, to be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 4–7 May 2016.

Long before there was Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, and the Declaration of Independence, the story of America began on the beaches of Florida. From the Spanish discovery of Florida in 1513, the exploration by the French and Spanish and the colonization of Florida’s interior to its involvement in military conflicts, science, technology and entertainment, follow the first footprints of the American saga in the sands of Florida.

Among the topics being considered are lectures on Florida history (especially early settlement), records, repositories, ethnic and religious groups, neighboring areas (the Caribbean, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina) and migrations into, within, and out of Florida. Other regional topics of interest include land and military records, especially the Revolutionary War, Indian wars, Civil War and World War I. Proposals are also solicited for the broader genealogical categories including federal records, the law as it relates to genealogy, methodology, analysis and problem solving, and the use of technology including genetics, mobile devices, and apps in genealogical research.

Sessions are generally limited to one hour and should include time for questions from the audience. Camera-ready syllabus material, due 15 February 2016, is required for each lecture or workshop presentation and will be included in the syllabus distributed to all conference registrants.

Proposals must be submitted electronically through the NGS website and must include the following information:

  • Speaker’s full name, address, telephone, and e-mail address
  • Speaker’s NGS membership status and member number
  • Presentation title, not to exceed fourteen words, and a brief but comprehensive outline
  • Program brochure lecture summary, not to exceed twenty-five words
  • Speaker biography, not to exceed twenty-five words
  • Résumé of speaker’s recent lectures – audio or video tape of a recent lecture may also be submitted

Speakers may submit up to eight proposals and NGS members will receive first consideration as speakers. The speaker compensation is described in detail here.

Electronic presentation programs are expected from the speakers and they must provide their own digital projector. NGS will provide projector support, which consists of a VGA cable, cart, and power strip. Internet connections will not be provided.

Speakers should submit each proposal electronically here between 1 January and 11:59 p.m. EDT, 1 April 2015. The same deadline applies to sponsoring organizations which should submit each proposal electronically here. Sponsoring organizations are asked to provided additional information.

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