S204 How Established and More Recently Arrived Asian American Researchers Can Learn from Each Other

May 18, 2024

2:30 – 3:30 PM

Knowledge exchange between established and more recently arrived Asian American researchers holds tremendous value. Join us on 18 May 2024 for an enlightening conference session dedicated to bridging the gap and fostering collaboration. Grant Din, a board member of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Historic Preservation, will guide you along the way.

Documents play a crucial role in preserving the stories of Asian immigrants, recording their struggles, triumphs, and experiences. However, Asian Americans who come from families that immigrated after 1965 face unique challenges in uncovering and preserving their ancestral narratives and have fewer and less detailed records. Families tracing back as early as the 19th Century also face challenges. The need for mutual understanding and learning from each other’s experiences is essential to assisting Asian Americans with their family history research. By bridging the immigration gap, we can collectively deepen our understanding of the rich cultural heritage embedded within Asian American communities.

We are delighted to have Grant Din share his insights with us. Din’s extensive expertise provides invaluable insight into the importance of learning together and sharing family stories.