BCG Skill Building Track-Lectures 2022

February 25th, 2022 by Roger Prince

A Full BCG Skillbuilding Track

The Board for Certification of Genealogists is excited to present the 2022 BCG Skillbuilding track. This series of 16 lectures plus a double-length certification seminar is designed for genealogists interested in improving their research techniques.

Targeted to intermediate and advanced skill levels, but open to all registered conference attendees, many of the sessions focus on evidence analysis and correlation to solve complex problems.

The presenters cover a variety of methodologies, record groups, and topics. Many of the presentations are case studies demonstrating the featured techniques on a real genealogy problem. Lectures are co-sponsored by NGS and the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

Wed 25 May 10:00 AM Why Standards are for Everyone LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
Wed 25 May11:30 AM Steamer Kate Explosion: Correlating Indirect Evidence to Identify and Correct an Error Ann Staley
Wed 25 May 2:30 PM More Questions Than Answers? Consider Conducting a Broad Contextual Study Jill Morelli
Wed 25 May 4:30 PM A DNA-Documentary Evidence Ensemble:  Finding a Family for a Man who Died in 1839 Jay Fonkert
Thu 26 May 8:00 AM Document Analysis: Digging into Details Angela McGhie
Thu 26 May 9:30 AM Appreciating Conflicting Evidence: Analysis and Resolution Develops Broader Research Rebecca Koford
Thu 26 May 11:00 AM Follow the Trail of Records and DNA from Ireland to Oregon (1810-1860) Karen Stanbary
Thu 26 May 2:30 PM Finding Sophia’s Family: A Case of Fratricide and Forgotten Identity Nancy Peters
Thu 26 May 4:00 PM Margaret’s Mother:  Using DNA to Solve a Mystery Judy Russell
Fri 27 May 8:00 AM What Happened to Uncle Walter?  Evidence Analysis and Correlation Uncover a Man’s Dual Identities Sharon Hoyt
Fri 27 May 9:30 AM Certification Seminar (double session) LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
Fri 27 May 11:00 AM Certification Seminar (double session) Scott Wilds & Richard Sayre
Fri 27 May 2:30 PM James C. Ward’s Eldorado: Identifying a New Englander in Early California Nichole Gilkison Larue
Sat 28 May 8:00 AM Lost in Translation:  Deciphering Foreign Names, Places, and Documents Margaret Fortier
Sat 28 May 9:30 AM Filling in the Blanks:  Identifying Mary and Sweet Baby James Amy Giroux
Sat 28 May 11;00 AM Writing Techniques to Analyze, Advance and Ultimately Solve your Genealogical Roadblocks Jan Joyce
Sat 28 May 2:30PM Death or Bigamy? Tracking an Elusive Man Across the United States Trish Nicola
Sat 28 May 4:00 PM From ProGen Case Study to Published NGSQ Article Mary Roddy