Genealogy 101 Boot Camp:
3-Day Practical Immersion in Genealogical Research
(Limited to 30 students)

Who is this course designed for? YOU if…

You took a DNA test and now you want to research your roots but don’t know how to start
You are a librarian who wants to help your patrons with genealogical questions
You are a Utah Social Studies/History teacher and want to learn about the personal documents of each era
(and earn 19 relicensure points at the same time)
You are a self-taught researcher and want a more comprehensive understanding of genealogical research
You are helping others join “First Family” and lineage or heritage organizations
You have watched WDYTYA and wish they were researching your family
You have been “doing” genealogy for years as a hobby and need to fill in some knowledge gaps
You wonder whether those exciting family stories you’ve heard are true
You want to accompany your genealogy-loving parent, spouse, sibling, partner, or friend to
the Conference and learn why genealogy is so compelling to them

The study of family history gives greater meaning and dimension to our lives. As the prior generations fade from view, our research work illuminates the pale echoes of the past and brings our ancestors back to life for future generations. You can be part of illuminating this country’s past makers of history—whether they were farmers, merchants, soldiers, horse thieves, or suffragettes. But your research conclusions must be credible and verifiable. Thus, the course.

This course, taught by two Board-certified genealogists, will:

  • Provide a solid research foundation based on the Genealogical Proof Standard.
  • Present practical, fast-paced overviews of the major records in which your ancestors and their associates may appear
  • Explain how and where you can access those records
  • Demonstrate how to use the records to expand an understanding of your ancestor’s life
  • Show how to evaluate, analyze, and document historical records
  • Select from your own input case studies and practical methods illustrating how your ancestors reveal themselves within their social, economic and historical context (like Catharina Egg, a “Languishing prisoner in the Gaol” of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, whose petition appears here
  • Provide a comprehensive “Genealogy 101 Boot Camp” booklet pdf for you to download

Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG®, CGL®
Sharon Cook MacInnes, Ph.D., CG®

Location: Salt Palace Convention Center, Room 258

Date and Time: Monday through Wednesday (18-20 May 2020)

Student Prerequisites: Within four weeks after you register, please prepare and send to [email protected] the following:

Detailed Genealogy 101 Boot Camp Program

Extend your learning: Further your understanding of individual records by attending, at a reduced price, the NGS Conference immediately following Boot Camp.

Registration fees are as follows
*Early Bird Rate (registration price online or postmarked by 17 March 2020)
*Regular Registration (registration price after 17 March 2020)

Member Non-Member
Boot Camp Registration (Three Days, 18-20 May)
Early Bird
Regular Registration
Extension: NGS Conference (Three Days, 21-23 May)
Early Bird
Regular Registration

If you are registering for the 2020 Family History Conference and the 101 Boot Camp you will be partially refunded for missing Wednesday of the conference.