e-ImageData Corp – Booth #703

April 14th, 2019 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

e-ImageData Corp – Booth #703

Discover Your Roots with the Award-Winning ScanPro® All-In-One™

e-ImageData, the industry leader in innovative micrographic film equipment, will showcase its latest product innovation, the ScanPro All-In-One microfilm scanner, at this year’s NGS Conference, Booth #703.

The ScanPro All-In-One microfilm scanner was meticulously designed to meet the needs of our customers, both now and in the future. The ScanPro All-In-One makes it easy and efficient to search information when using a roll of microfilm. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the ScanPro All-In-One allows patrons and researchers to easily locate a desired image, quickly create high-resolution scans and save it in a vast array of digital formats, email it, or print it.

With its impressive array of on-demand features for reading/scanning/printing and its ability to automatically convert all film types, including fiche and jacketed fiche, the All-In-One is the only scanner on the market that provides a universal solution to handle entire film collections. All of this on one small, talented, and inexpensive piece of equipment.

To confirm e-ImageData’s commitment to supplying the best microfilm scanning equipment on the market, our ScanPro line is backed by a three-year product warranty and an excellent customer service team.

e-ImageData’s award-winning All-In-One microfilm scanners are your resource to discovering your roots and building your family tree. Visit e-ImageData’s Booth #703 to experience the ease and efficiency of our ScanPro line.

Based in Hartford, Wisconsin and founded in 1989, e-ImageData Corporation is an international manufacturer of microfilm scanning systems. Further information about e-ImageData Corporation can be found at www.e-imagedata.com.

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