NGS 2020 Native American Workshop

February 7th, 2020 by Valerie Elkins

So You Have Native American Ancestry, Now What?

Dream Catcher photo courtesy of UpSplash

Do you dream of finding your Native American ancestors? It is not a just a family story, you actually have Native American ancestry –  now, you are not sure where to go to next. The National Genealogical Society, (NGS) 2020 Family History Conference  to be held May 20-23, in Salt Lake City, Utah has the answer. NGS is offering during the conference, an intensive workshop on researching Native American ancestry on Saturday, May 23 for $35. Register early to secure your spot. This workshop will be hands-on and use case studies and will take place at the Family History Library.

Family History research specialist Lyn Rasmussen, AG, will lead the workshop along with team members, Helen Bileen, Forrest Emmett, and Mallory Kempter. The workshop will concentrate on using and understanding Native American records that are available at the Family History Library. Learn about the Indian Census and how to search it effectively and correctly identify jurisdictions for the Federal Census records.

Native Americans passed on their history orally. Participants will learn how to gather this oral information, specifically through interviewing extended family members. Oral interviews often supply family names not known on US records, as well as place names, which are vital to research success. Artifacts are key items in Native American family history, items that include handmade rugs, pottery, jewelry, knives, drums and costumes. These artifacts have stories associated with them and can provide invaluable information through tiny clues. Register today for this wonderful workshop learning opportunity!

Come find your Native American ancestors at NGS 2020