How NGS Conferences Shaped Tom Jones as a Genealogist

In early March, NGS sent out an email with excerpts from an interview with Tom Jones that nicely summarized the value of attending NGS Conferences.  For those who missed it, here is the text of that email again.

Tom Jones has helped so many of us become better genealogists. He has pushed us on how to think, research, evaluate, and write to create a meaningful and accurate family history. He has graced NGS with his support for decades, and he recently shared with us how our conferences helped shape him as a genealogist and a scholar.

“In thinking back on the earliest NGS conferences I attended,” Jones said, “I realized how much growth and enjoyment I got out of them. I have been attending NGS conferences since 1990. Without them, I would not be the genealogist I am today—not even close.

“In the lecture sessions, I learned how to implement genealogical research methods and reasoning, about which previously I had no clue … and which helped me advance my knowledge of my ancestors.

“At NGS conferences, I learned about genealogical credentials and decided to pursue certification. And I regularly renew, which keeps me engaged in current practices in our field

“I also learned about other genealogical societies at the national and state level and in counties where my ancestors lived. I joined several of them. It’s so important to learn from them too about the locale and variety of records that might exist for your ancestors.

“From NGS conference sponsors and exhibitors and their websites, I discovered countless genealogical products and publications and purchased many that increased my knowledge of genealogical sources and methods. And they helped me find records for my exact family! I still look forward to learning what’s new from the many companies that support genealogy.

“Maybe what I think about most fondly, as I book my hotel, prepare lectures, and get excited about arriving at the NGS conference, is the people. Over the decades, between sessions and at meals, I have interacted with people who shared my genealogical interests, answered my questions, and encouraged my activities.”

If you are still deciding about coming to the NGS Conference in Sacramento in May, we will be there to welcome you and will continue to make it the wonderful, lifelong learning experience Tom Jones gives us so much credit for.

California here we come!