2019 Conference Program

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Program Changes

W154  Cari Taplin “Breaking New Ground: Creating a Locality Guide for New Research Areas”

T247  Syeda Hudda “Keeping up with Ancestry”

F319 Patricia Walls Stamm “Utilizing the Records of the BLM GLO Website”

S454  Angela Packer McGhie “Planning and Conducting Reasonably Exhaustive Research”

Session IDTitleRoomOrderDateTimesorttimeTrackSpeakersSponser
W101Journey of Discovery02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201908:00 am1557302400Opening SessionJudy G. Russell
W121A Convincing Argument or a Convoluted Mess?02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200BCGBarbara Vines Little
W122Three DNA Tests = Three Times the Fun02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200DNADiahan Southard
W123Starting Research in Irish Records02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200EthnicJohn Grenham
W124Dissection & Analysis of Research Problems: Ten Steps to a Solution02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
W125Using the Kaskaskia Manuscripts02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200RecordsLarry Franke
W126Advanced Research in Passenger Arrival Records02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MigrationJulie Miller
W127Strategies and Techniques: Reconstructing an African American Family from Slavery to Freedom02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200African AmericanDeborah A. Abbott
W128Researching your Ancestor in the Colonial Wars02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MilitaryDavid Lambert
W129Customizing Maps to Analyze and Illustrate Your Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MigrationRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
W131Missouri’s Newest Census: The 1766 Enumeration of Spanish Louisiana02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201912:15 pm1557317700Lunch MoAJohn Dougan
W132Genealogy: Then and Now02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201912:15 pm1557317700Lunch APGMichael D. Lacopo
W133Begin Your Journey of Discovery at FamilySearch02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201912:15 pm1557317700Lunch FSDavid E. Rencher
W141Anatomy of a Case Study: Steps Used to Write for Yourself or for Publication02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800BCGMelinda Daffin Henningfield
W142Genetic Genealogy, Year in Review 201902019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800DNABlaine T. Bettinger
W143Strategies for Using Civil Registration02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800EthnicRaymon Naisbitt
W144Writing for Genealogy Publications: A Primer02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MethodologyThomas W. Jones
W145Create a Free Map Collection in Google Earth Customized for Your Genealogy Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800RecordsLisa Louise Cooke
W146Colonial New England Immigration: Resources for the Great Migration Era.02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MigrationDavid Lambert
W147Incorporating Oral History into Your Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800African AmericanAri Wilkins
W148The National Archives Post-Revolutionary War Manuscript Collection02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MilitaryCraig R. Scott
W149But I Don't Know German! Deciphering Death Notices in German Newspapers02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800PotpourriScott Holl
W151Turning Raw Information into Evidence: Tips for Drawing and Explaining Conclusions02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200BCGJ. H. “Jay” Fonkert
W152From the Front Lines: Answering Ten Actual FAQs about DNA Testing02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200DNAJanine Cloud
W153German Genealogy on the Internet: Beyond the Basics02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200EthnicMichael D. Lacopo
W154Breaking New Ground: Creating a Locality Guide for New Research Areas02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200MethodologyCari Taplin
W155PERSI: Spanning the Generations02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200Jen Baldwin
W156Getting Your Kicks on Route 66: A Road Trip Full of History From Chicago to L.A.02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200MigrationDiane L. Giannini
W157And the Church Said Amen! African American Religious Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200African AmericanTimothy N. Pinnick
W158Getting to Know Fold3: The Web’s Premier Collection of Original Military Records02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200MilitaryGordon Atkinson
W159The Benefits of an Online Genealogy Organizational System02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200PotpourriJill N. Crandell
W170Clara or Clara? Dining DNA Detectives02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201905:30 pm1557336600DinnerDiahan Southard
T201Using Historical Fiction and Social History to Support Your Narrative02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800BCGBeth A. Stahr
T202Using Relationship Probabilities to Extend Your Family Tree02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800DNAAngie Bush
T203The Fisherman Who Wanted to Marry the Executioner’s Daughter: Stories From German Marriage Sources02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800EthnicWarren Bittner
T204Finding Your Ancestors' Pre-Immigration Origins: A Three-step Strategy02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800EthnicJ. H. “Jay” Fonkert
T205Just the Ticket to Find Your Railroad Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800RecordsMary Kircher Roddy
T206From Missouri to California by Way of the Beckwourth Pass02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800MigrationMelinda Daffin Henningfield
T207Still in Print: Your Personal Genealogical Bookshelf in 201902019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800PotpourriD. Joshua Taylor
T208Military Records of the West02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800MilitaryCraig R. Scott
T209Dropsy? Quinsy? Consumption?02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800Birth & DeathKimberly Ormsby Nagy
T210atDNA Analysis Workshop02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800Workshop 3 hoursDebbie Parker Wayne
T211BCG Certification Seminar / Rick Sayre, CG, / LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, CG / Pataricia Hobbs, CG02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200BCG SeminarLaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
T211BCG Certification Seminar02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200BCG SeminarPatricia Lee HobbsRick Sayre
T212Informed Consent: DNA's Essential Ethical Underpinning02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200DNAJudy G. Russell
T213UK Sources for Irish Immigrants02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200EthnicJohn Grenham
T214The Advance of Research Habits over Recent Decades—And the Downside02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200MethodologyThomas W. Jones
T215Church Records of Canton Bern, Switzerland02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000EthnicDaniel R. Lilienkamp
T216The Orphan Train Movement: History, Genealogy, Legacy02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200MigrationMichael Brophy
T217Advanced Photo Detecting: Cracking the Cold Case02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200PotpourriMaureen Taylor
T218Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies and Navies in the Civil War02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200MilitaryRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
T219Helping Adoptees Find Their Birth Parents02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200Birth & DeathDiane L. Giannini
T222Using a DNA Map to Navigate Your Brick Walls02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600DNABlaine T. Bettinger
T223Mapping Irish Locations Online02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600EthnicPamela Guye Holland
T224DNA: Evidence, Proof, Citations, & Privacy02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
T225Cards, Clevises, and Calomel: What Probate Files Reveal about Our Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600RecordsNancy A. Peters
T226How Advertising Brought Our Ancestors to the Midwest02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600MigrationAnnette Burke Lyttle
T227Finding the Meaning Behind Objects: Analyzing Artifacts for Genealogical and Family History Research02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600PotpourriEllen K. Mays
T228Researching your Ancestor in the Revolutionary War02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600MilitaryDavid Lambert
T229Using Find A Grave: The World's Largest Gravesite Collection02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600Birth & DeathPeter Drinkwater
T231The German Immigrant Experience in the 18th Century Germany02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201912:15 pm1557404100Lunch Pal-AmMichael D. Lacopo
T232Does DNA Define Us?02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201912:15 pm1557404100Lunch StLGSDiahan Southard
T233Lunch Gen-Fed Alumni Association02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201912:15 pm1557404100Lunch Gen-FedThomas W. Jones
T241Indirect Evidence Overturns a Direct Evidence Conclusion: From Hypothesis to Published Article02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200BCGJulie Miller
T242Finding Relatives Through DNA When Family Trees Do Not Exist02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200DNABernice Bennett
T243Researching the German Faithful in New Orleans02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200EthnicBeth A. Stahr
T244Working with Documents: Transcription—A Powerful Tool02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200MethodologyBarbara Vines Little
T245The Territorial Papers of the United States and the American State Papers02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200RecordsRick Sayre
T246Migrating from the Eastern US to Mid-America02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MigrationCarol Wright Whitton
T247Keeping up with Ancestry02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200MethodologySyeda Hudda
T248War of 1812 Bounty Land Draws Veterans to Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200MilitaryAngela Packer McGhie
T249Death Records: Moving from When and Where to How and Why02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200Birth & DeathKimberly Ormsby Nagy
T250Deciphering French Records02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm15574122002019 Conference ProgramLarry Franke
T251DNA: King Arthur's Mighty Genetic Lightsaber02019 Conference Program2019051905-19-201904:15 pm1558282500DNARoberta J. Estes
F301Context: A Powerful Tool for Problem-Solving02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200BCGElizabeth Shown Mills
F302Missing Branches: Finding Biological Family Histories for Adoptees and Others02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200DNAAngie Bush
F303French North American Research02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200RecordsLarry Franke
F304Platting Success: Finding, Using, and Understanding 18th–21st Century Property Ownership Maps02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200MissouriJohn Dougan
F305"For the Support of … Fallen Women": Tax Laws and Genealogy02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200RecordsJudy G. Russell
F306Beginning a Search for Pennsylvania Roots02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200StatesJames M. Beidler
F307Four Essential Building Blocks to Organizing Your Genealogy02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200PotpourriJulie Miller
F308Family History on Your Smartphone or Tablet02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200Tech TipsPamela Guye Holland
F309Not Your Average Job: Using State Government Records/Publications to Track Your Ancestor’s Career02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200Gov DocsKelsey Berryhill
F310Discover the National Genealogical Society Book Loan Collection02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200PotpourriScott Holl
F311Writing the Family Narrative: A Strategy for Breaking Down Brick Walls02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600BCGRebecca Whitman Koford
F312Using DNA to Support Family Lore Regarding an Enslaved Ancestral Couple02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600DNALaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
F313Catholicism Across the British Isles: A Primer and Introduction to the Catholic Heritage Archive02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600EthnicJen Baldwin
F314Butter, Beeves, and Bowel Obstructions: Using Missouri's Newly Digitized Federal Census Non-Population Schedules02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600MissouriMary Stansfield
F315Using Newspapers.com to Color Your Family Tree02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600RecordsGordon Atkinson
F316Boomer Sooner! The Run for Land in Oklahoma02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600StatesDannell "Danni" Altman-Newell
F317The Helen Marley Story02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600DNABlaine T. Bettinger
F318Desktop Publishing: Getting Your Manuscript Ready for Printing02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600Tech TipsIlene Kanfer Murray
F319Utilizing the Records of the BLM GLO Website02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600Gov DocsPatricia Walls Stamm
F320Who are These Women: A Crowd SourcedWorld War 2 Mystery02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600PotpourriMaureen Taylor
F321Building a Credible Lineage Despite Missing Information, Conflicting and Incorrect Records, and Undocumented Publications02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000BCGThomas W. Jones
F322Y and Mitochondrial DNA—Periscope Through Time02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000DNARoberta J. Estes
F323German Handwriting for the Intermediate Learner02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000PotpourriKatherine Schober
F324Protectors of Peace: Finding Your Missouri National Guard Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000MissouriChristina Miller
F325Balancing Privacy Concerns with Genealogists' Access to Public Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000RecordsJan Meisels AllenJanet A. AlpertFrederick E. MossElizabeth W. (Lou) Saadi
F326Iowa Ancestors: Research in the Hawkeye State02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000StatesAlice Hoyt Veen
F327Authenticating Family Stories: How Local Newspapers Can Give Your Family Story a Second Life02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000RecordsGreg R. Hilton
F328How’d You Find That?!? Tips for Locating Obscure or Hidden Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000Tech TipsCari Taplin
F329The Civilian Conservation Corps: A New Deal02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000RecordsPatricia Walls Stamm
F331A Journey of Discovery: Where is the Podium?02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201912:15 pm1557490500Lunch GSGBillie Stone Fogarty
F332Genealogy in the Future: A Conversation02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201912:15 pm1557490500Lunch NYG&BAngie BushLaura DeGraziaD. Joshua Taylor
F333Beware the Genealogical Proof Standard! Sooner or Later—It’ll Getcha!02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201912:15 pm1557490500Lunch BCGWarren Bittner
F341Reporting on Research: Standards Encourage Better Communication02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600BCGNancy A. Peters
F342Making DNA Matching Simple with LivingDNA02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600DNADiahan Southard
F343Tracing Ancestry in Scotland's Heritable Land Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600EthnicRaymon Naisbitt
F344My Uncle Shot a Conductor!: Using Supreme and Appellate Court Records as Genealogical Sources02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600MissouriKelsey Berryhill
F345The Latest Online New York Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600PotpourriSusan R. Miller
F346Finding Ancestors in the Volunteer State: Genealogical Research in Tennessee02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600StatesCharles Sherrill
F347Planning and Organizing a Research Trip02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600PotpourriIlene Kanfer Murray
F348Family Tree Builder—MyHeritage Free Software to Safely Build, Research, and Showcase your Genealogy02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600Tech TipsDaniel Horowitz
F349American New Deal: The WPA’s Federal Project Number One02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600Gov DocsC. Ann Staley
F350Paleography Puzzles: Early American Handwriting History & Styles02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600Workshop 2 hoursRebecca Whitman Koford
F351Writing a Conclusion Incorporating DNA Evidence02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000BCGDebbie Parker Wayne
F352Using Ancestry DNA to Solve Unknown Parentage02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000DNACrista Cowan
F353The Irish Valuation Office02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000EthnicJohn Grenham
F354Hidden Treasures: Tips and Rewards for Researching in Manuscript Collections02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000MissouriBill Eddleman
F355Finding the First Landowner: Using Family Maps, HistoryGeo.com, and Texas Land Office Surveys02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000RecordsRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
F356Kentucky Roots Revealed: Statewide, Regional, and National Resources for Finding Kentucky Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000StatesCheri J. Daniels
F357Online Family Trees: Avoiding Pitfalls and Maximizing Discoveries02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000PotpourriD. Joshua Taylor
F358Time Travel with Google Earth02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000Tech TipsLisa Louise Cooke
F359Personnel Records of the National Archives at St. Louis02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000Gov DocsBryan K. McGraw
F370If Carved in Stone, Your Epitaph is Already Disappearing!02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201907:00 pm1557514800NGS BanquetDavid E. Rencher
S401DNA Illuminates a Woman Hidden in the Shadows of her Father and Husbands02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600BCGPatricia Lee Hobbs
S452New DNA Tools and Features on MyHeritage02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400DNADaniel Horowitz
S403Getting from There to Here (and Back): Records of Irish Atlantic Migration02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600EthnicJohn Grenham
S404Finding Friendship: Establishing a Midwest Family’s Quaker Ancestry02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600RecordsLaDonna Garner
S405Researching Your Ancestor's Homestead Records02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600RecordsAngela Packer McGhie
S406On Solid Ground: Tennessee Land Records for Genealogists02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600StatesCharles Sherrill
S407Seven Proven Strategies for Identifying Slave Ownership and Reconstructing Families02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600African AmericanJanis Minor Forte
S408Google Search Secrets Revealed02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600Tech TipsLisa Louise Cooke
S409The Article Isn’t About Your Family? You Should Read It Anyway!02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600RecordsKaren Mauer Jones
S410Understanding the Register of Enlistments02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600MilitaryCraig R. Scott
S411Proving Your Case: Using the Rules of Logical Argument02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000BCGMichael G. Hait
S412The Stories Behind the Segments02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000DNABlaine T. Bettinger
S413Ortssippenbucher: Researching German Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000EthnicDaniel R. Lilienkamp
S414Margaret's Baby's Father and the Lessons He Taught Me02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
S415Finding Aids, Inventories, and Record Group Descriptions: Why Should I Care?02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000RecordsMichael D. Lacopo
S416Ohio Land Records: Unique, Confusing, and a Goldmine02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000StatesRick Sayre
S417Finding the Last Slave Owner02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000African AmericanAri Wilkins
S418Strategic Searching on Findmypast02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000Tech TipsJen Baldwin
S419Finding Your Ancestors in Company Employee Magazines and Trade Magazines02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000RecordsDennis Northcott
S420Exemptions and Exceptions: Why Your Ancestor Did Not Serve in the Civil War02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000MilitaryJohn Dougan
S421Family History Piecework: An Approach to Writing02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400BCGCari Taplin
S422Eight Ways DNA Can Enhance Your Family History02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600DNADiahan Southard
S423Finding Scottish Ancestors Online02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400EthnicNancy E. Loe
S424Neighbors, Cousins, or Siblings? How Evidence, Analysis, and DNA Answer the Research Question02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400MethodologyJanet A. Alpert
S4255 Common Sense and Budget Minded Tips for Preserving and Organizing Family Photo Archives02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400RecordsMaureen Taylor
S426Using the Maryland State Archives: In Person and Online02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400StatesRebecca Whitman Koford
S427The Black Homesteaders at the Crossroads of Freedom02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400African AmericanBernice Bennett
S428Microsoft Excel as a Genealogy Research Tool02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400Tech TipsJill N. Crandell
S429My Ancestor is from … but I Don’t Speak or Read the Language. Help!02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400RecordsDebbie Gurtler
S430Sultana: The Horrific Civil War Mississippi River Disaster and Why It Remains a Mystery02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400PotpourriKathryn L. Bush
S431Twists and Turns in the Genetic Road02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201912:15 pm1557576900Lunch NGSRoberta J. Estes
S432The Journeys of Americans: Three Stories of Immigration and Migration02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201912:15 pm1557576900Lunch NEHGSRhonda R. McClure
S441Tell Your Ancestor's Story by Writing, Verifying, Documenting, and Sharing02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000BCGAngela Packer McGhie
S442Methods for Managing Your DNA Match List02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000DNACrista Cowan
S443English Records Beyond the Grave02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000EthnicRaymon Naisbitt
S444Whoa! Slow Down. Look at a Map.02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000MethodologyJacob Eubanks
S445Deconstructing the Neighborhood: Using the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps to Understand Your Ancestors' Communities02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000RecordsCheri J. Daniels
S446Footprints on the Plains: Researching Your Kansas Ancestor02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000StatesDannell "Danni" Altman-Newell
S447Help for Southerners in Need: The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000African AmericanRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
S448FamilySearch Collections—Tips and Tricks02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000Tech TipsDavid E. Rencher
S449Iowa's State Census: Genealogical Jewels02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000PotpourriAlice Hoyt Veen
S450The Road to Tennessee: Migration Trails from the Revolutionary War to the Mexican War.02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000MilitaryCharles Sherrill
S4512019: The Year of the Copyright02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400BCGJudy G. Russell
S402Understanding Ethnicity Estimates02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600DNAAngie Bush
S453Effectively Using the German Website, Compgen.de02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400EthnicCarol Wright Whitton
S454Planning and Conducting Reasonably Exhaustive Research02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400MethodologyAngela Packer McGhie
S455German for Genealogists02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400EthnicJames M. Beidler
S456French Huguenots in New Netherland and New York/New Jersey02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400StatesKaren Mauer Jones
S457Eight Sources to Expand Your Slave Research02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400African AmericanLaDonna Garner
S458Protecting Your Digital Files02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400Tech TipsIlene Kanfer Murray
S459Discovering Family Information in US Congressional Records02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400PotpourriPatricia Walls Stamm
S460From Despair to Cargoes of Hope: WWII's Displaced Persons02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400MilitaryC. Ann Staley
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