2019 Conference Program

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Program Changes

W154  Cari Taplin “Breaking New Ground: Creating a Locality Guide for New Research Areas”

T247  Syeda Hudda “Keeping up with Ancestry”

S454  Angela Packer McGhie “Planning and Conducting Reasonably Exhaustive Research”

Session IDTitleRoomOrderDateTimesorttimeTrackSpeakersSponser
W101Journey of Discovery02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201908:00 am1557302400Opening SessionJudy G. Russell
W121A Convincing Argument or a Convoluted Mess?02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200BCGBarbara Vines Little
W122Three DNA Tests = Three Times the Fun02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200DNADiahan Southard
W123Starting Research in Irish Records02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200EthnicJohn Grenham
W124Dissection & Analysis of Research Problems: Ten Steps to a Solution02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
W125Using the Kaskaskia Manuscripts02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200RecordsLarry Franke
W126Advanced Research in Passenger Arrival Records02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MigrationJulie Miller
W127Strategies and Techniques: Reconstructing an African American Family from Slavery to Freedom02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200African AmericanDeborah A. Abbott
W128Researching your Ancestor in the Colonial Wars02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MilitaryDavid Lambert
W129Customizing Maps to Analyze and Illustrate Your Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201911:00 am1557313200MigrationRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
W131Missouri’s Newest Census: The 1766 Enumeration of Spanish Louisiana02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201912:15 pm1557317700Lunch MoAJohn Dougan
W132Genealogy: Then and Now02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201912:15 pm1557317700Lunch APGMichael D. Lacopo
W133Begin Your Journey of Discovery at FamilySearch02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201912:15 pm1557317700Lunch FSDavid E. Rencher
W141Anatomy of a Case Study: Steps Used to Write for Yourself or for Publication02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800BCGMelinda Daffin Henningfield
W142Genetic Genealogy, Year in Review 201902019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800DNABlaine T. Bettinger
W143Strategies for Using Civil Registration02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800EthnicRaymon Naisbitt
W144Writing for Genealogy Publications: A Primer02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MethodologyThomas W. Jones
W145Create a Free Map Collection in Google Earth Customized for Your Genealogy Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800RecordsLisa Louise Cooke
W146Colonial New England Immigration: Resources for the Great Migration Era.02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MigrationDavid Lambert
W147Incorporating Oral History into Your Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800African AmericanAri Wilkins
W148The National Archives Post-Revolutionary War Manuscript Collection02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MilitaryCraig R. Scott
W149But I Don't Know German! Deciphering Death Notices in German Newspapers02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800PotpourriScott Holl
W151Turning Raw Information into Evidence: Tips for Drawing and Explaining Conclusions02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200BCGJ. H. “Jay” Fonkert
W152From the Front Lines: Answering Ten Actual FAQs about DNA Testing02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200DNAJanine Cloud
W153German Genealogy on the Internet: Beyond the Basics02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200EthnicMichael D. Lacopo
W154Breaking New Ground: Creating a Locality Guide for New Research Areas02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200MethodologyCari Taplin
W155PERSI: Spanning the Generations02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200Jen Baldwin
W156Getting Your Kicks on Route 66: A Road Trip Full of History From Chicago to L.A.02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200MigrationDiane L. Giannini
W157And the Church Said Amen! African American Religious Research02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200African AmericanTimothy N. Pinnick
W158Getting to Know Fold3: The Web’s Premier Collection of Original Military Records02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200MilitaryGordon Atkinson
W159The Benefits of an Online Genealogy Organizational System02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201904:00 pm1557331200PotpourriJill N. Crandell
W170Clara or Clara? Dining DNA Detectives02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201905:30 pm1557336600DinnerDiahan Southard
T201Using Historical Fiction and Social History to Support Your Narrative02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800BCGBeth A. Stahr
T202Using Relationship Probabilities to Extend Your Family Tree02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800DNAAngie Bush
T203The Fisherman Who Wanted to Marry the Executioner’s Daughter: Stories From German Marriage Sources02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800EthnicWarren Bittner
T204Finding Your Ancestors' Pre-Immigration Origins: A Three-step Strategy02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800EthnicJ. H. “Jay” Fonkert
T205Just the Ticket to Find Your Railroad Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800RecordsMary Kircher Roddy
T206From Missouri to California by Way of the Beckwourth Pass02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800MigrationMelinda Daffin Henningfield
T207Still in Print: Your Personal Genealogical Bookshelf in 201902019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800PotpourriD. Joshua Taylor
T208Military Records of the West02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800MilitaryCraig R. Scott
T209Dropsy? Quinsy? Consumption?02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800Birth & DeathKimberly Ormsby Nagy
T210atDNA Analysis Workshop02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201908:00 am1557388800Workshop 3 hoursDebbie Parker Wayne
T211BCG Certification Seminar / Rick Sayre, CG, / LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, CG / Pataricia Hobbs, CG02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200BCG SeminarLaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
T211BCG Certification Seminar02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200BCG SeminarPatricia Lee HobbsRick Sayre
T212Informed Consent: DNA's Essential Ethical Underpinning02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200DNAJudy G. Russell
T213UK Sources for Irish Immigrants02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200EthnicJohn Grenham
T214The Advance of Research Habits over Recent Decades—And the Downside02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200MethodologyThomas W. Jones
T215Church Records of Canton Bern, Switzerland02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000EthnicDaniel R. Lilienkamp
T216The Orphan Train Movement: History, Genealogy, Legacy02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200MigrationMichael Brophy
T217Advanced Photo Detecting: Cracking the Cold Case02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200PotpourriMaureen Taylor
T218Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies and Navies in the Civil War02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200MilitaryRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
T219Helping Adoptees Find Their Birth Parents02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201909:30 am1557394200Birth & DeathDiane L. Giannini
T222Using a DNA Map to Navigate Your Brick Walls02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600DNABlaine T. Bettinger
T223Mapping Irish Locations Online02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600EthnicPamela Guye Holland
T224DNA: Evidence, Proof, Citations, & Privacy02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
T225Cards, Clevises, and Calomel: What Probate Files Reveal about Our Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600RecordsNancy A. Peters
T226How Advertising Brought Our Ancestors to the Midwest02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600MigrationAnnette Burke Lyttle
T227Finding the Meaning Behind Objects: Analyzing Artifacts for Genealogical and Family History Research02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600PotpourriEllen K. Mays
T228Researching your Ancestor in the Revolutionary War02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600MilitaryDavid Lambert
T229Using Find A Grave: The World's Largest Gravesite Collection02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600Birth & DeathPeter Drinkwater
T231The German Immigrant Experience in the 18th Century Germany02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201912:15 pm1557404100Lunch Pal-AmMichael D. Lacopo
T232Does DNA Define Us?02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201912:15 pm1557404100Lunch StLGSDiahan Southard
T233Lunch Gen-Fed Alumni Association02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201912:15 pm1557404100Lunch Gen-FedThomas W. Jones
T241Indirect Evidence Overturns a Direct Evidence Conclusion: From Hypothesis to Published Article02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200BCGJulie Miller
T242Finding Relatives Through DNA When Family Trees Do Not Exist02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200DNABernice Bennett
T243Researching the German Faithful in New Orleans02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200EthnicBeth A. Stahr
T244Working with Documents: Transcription—A Powerful Tool02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200MethodologyBarbara Vines Little
T245The Territorial Papers of the United States and the American State Papers02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200RecordsRick Sayre
T246Migrating from the Eastern US to Mid-America02019 Conference Program2019050805-08-201902:30 pm1557325800MigrationCarol Wright Whitton
T247Keeping up with Ancestry02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200MethodologySyeda Hudda
T248War of 1812 Bounty Land Draws Veterans to Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200MilitaryAngela Packer McGhie
T249Death Records: Moving from When and Where to How and Why02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm1557412200Birth & DeathKimberly Ormsby Nagy
T250Deciphering French Records02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201902:30 pm15574122002019 Conference ProgramLarry Franke
T251DNA: King Arthur's Mighty Genetic Lightsaber02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201904:00 pm1557417600DNARoberta J. Estes
F301Writing the Family Narrative: A Strategy for Breaking Down Brick Walls02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200BCGRebecca Whitman Koford
F302Missing Branches: Finding Biological Family Histories for Adoptees and Others02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200DNAAngie Bush
F303French North American Research02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200RecordsLarry Franke
F304Platting Success: Finding, Using, and Understanding 18th–21st Century Property Ownership Maps02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200MissouriJohn Dougan
F305"For the Support of … Fallen Women": Tax Laws and Genealogy02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200RecordsJudy G. Russell
F306Beginning a Search for Pennsylvania Roots02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200StatesJames M. Beidler
F307Four Essential Building Blocks to Organizing Your Genealogy02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200PotpourriJulie Miller
F308Family History on Your Smartphone or Tablet02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200Tech TipsPamela Guye Holland
F309Not Your Average Job: Using State Government Records/Publications to Track Your Ancestor’s Career02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200Gov DocsKelsey Berryhill
F310Discover the National Genealogical Society Book Loan Collection02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201908:00 am1557475200PotpourriScott Holl
F311Context: A Powerful Tool for Problem-Solving02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600BCGElizabeth Shown Mills
F312Using DNA to Support Family Lore Regarding an Enslaved Ancestral Couple02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600DNALaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
F313Catholicism Across the British Isles: A Primer and Introduction to the Catholic Heritage Archive02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600EthnicJen Baldwin
F314Butter, Beeves, and Bowel Obstructions: Using Missouri's Newly Digitized Federal Census Non-Population Schedules02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600MissouriMary Stansfield
F315Using Newspapers.com to Color Your Family Tree02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600RecordsGordon Atkinson
F316Boomer Sooner! The Run for Land in Oklahoma02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600StatesDannell "Danni" Altman-Newell
F317The Helen Marley Story02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600DNABlaine T. Bettinger
F318Desktop Publishing: Getting Your Manuscript Ready for Printing02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600Tech TipsIlene Kanfer Murray
F319Discovering the General Land Office Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600Gov DocsDaniel Fleming
F320Who are These Women: A Crowd SourcedWorld War 2 Mystery02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201909:30 am1557480600PotpourriMaureen Taylor
F321Building a Credible Lineage Despite Missing Information, Conflicting and Incorrect Records, and Undocumented Publications02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000BCGThomas W. Jones
F322Y and Mitochondrial DNA—Periscope Through Time02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000DNARoberta J. Estes
F323German Handwriting for the Intermediate Learner02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000PotpourriKatherine Schober
F324Protectors of Peace: Finding Your Missouri National Guard Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000MissouriChristina Miller
F325Balancing Privacy Concerns with Genealogists' Access to Public Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000RecordsJan Meisels AllenJanet A. AlpertFrederick E. MossElizabeth W. (Lou) Saadi
F326Iowa Ancestors: Research in the Hawkeye State02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000StatesAlice Hoyt Veen
F327Authenticating Family Stories: How Local Newspapers Can Give Your Family Story a Second Life02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000RecordsGreg R. Hilton
F328How’d You Find That?!? Tips for Locating Obscure or Hidden Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000Tech TipsCari Taplin
F329The Civilian Conservation Corps: A New Deal02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201911:00 am1557486000RecordsPatricia Walls Stamm
F331A Journey of Discovery: Where is the Podium?02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201912:15 pm1557490500Lunch GSGBillie Stone Fogarty
F332Genealogy in the Future: A Conversation02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201912:15 pm1557490500Lunch NYG&BAngie BushLaura DeGraziaD. Joshua Taylor
F333Beware the Genealogical Proof Standard! Sooner or Later—It’ll Getcha!02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201912:15 pm1557490500Lunch BCGWarren Bittner
F341Reporting on Research: Standards Encourage Better Communication02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600BCGNancy A. Peters
F342Making DNA Matching Simple with LivingDNA02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600DNADiahan Southard
F343Tracing Ancestry in Scotland's Heritable Land Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600EthnicRaymon Naisbitt
F344My Uncle Shot a Conductor!: Using Supreme and Appellate Court Records as Genealogical Sources02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600MissouriKelsey Berryhill
F345The Latest Online New York Records02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600PotpourriSusan R. Miller
F346Finding Ancestors in the Volunteer State: Genealogical Research in Tennessee02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600StatesCharles Sherrill
F347Planning and Organizing a Research Trip02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600PotpourriIlene Kanfer Murray
F348Family Tree Builder—MyHeritage Free Software to Safely Build, Research, and Showcase your Genealogy02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600Tech TipsDaniel Horowitz
F349American New Deal: The WPA’s Federal Project Number One02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600Gov DocsC. Ann Staley
F350Paleography Puzzles: Early American Handwriting History & Styles02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201902:30 pm1557498600Workshop 2 hoursRebecca Whitman Koford
F351Writing a Conclusion Incorporating DNA Evidence02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000BCGDebbie Parker Wayne
F352Using Ancestry DNA to Solve Unknown Parentage02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000DNACrista Cowan
F353The Irish Valuation Office02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000EthnicJohn Grenham
F354Hidden Treasures: Tips and Rewards for Researching in Manuscript Collections02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000MissouriBill Eddleman
F355Finding the First Landowner: Using Family Maps, HistoryGeo.com, and Texas Land Office Surveys02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000RecordsRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
F356Kentucky Roots Revealed: Statewide, Regional, and National Resources for Finding Kentucky Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000StatesCheri J. Daniels
F357Online Family Trees: Avoiding Pitfalls and Maximizing Discoveries02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000PotpourriD. Joshua Taylor
F358Time Travel with Google Earth02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000Tech TipsLisa Louise Cooke
F359Personnel Records of the National Archives at St. Louis02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201904:00 pm1557504000Gov DocsBryan K. McGraw
F370If Carved in Stone, Your Epitaph is Already Disappearing!02019 Conference Program2019051005-10-201907:00 pm1557514800NGS BanquetDavid E. Rencher
S401DNA Illuminates a Woman Hidden in the Shadows of her Father and Husbands02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600BCGPatricia Lee Hobbs
S452New DNA Tools and Features on MyHeritage02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400DNADaniel Horowitz
S403Getting from There to Here (and Back): Records of Irish Atlantic Migration02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600EthnicJohn Grenham
S404Finding Friendship: Establishing a Midwest Family’s Quaker Ancestry02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600RecordsLaDonna Garner
S405Researching Your Ancestor's Homestead Records02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600RecordsAngela Packer McGhie
S406On Solid Ground: Tennessee Land Records for Genealogists02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600StatesCharles Sherrill
S407Seven Proven Strategies for Identifying Slave Ownership and Reconstructing Families02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600African AmericanJanis Minor Forte
S408Google Search Secrets Revealed02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600Tech TipsLisa Louise Cooke
S409The Article Isn’t About Your Family? You Should Read It Anyway!02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600RecordsKaren Mauer Jones
S410Understanding the Register of Enlistments02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600MilitaryCraig R. Scott
S411Proving Your Case: Using the Rules of Logical Argument02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000BCGMichael G. Hait
S412The Stories Behind the Segments02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000DNABlaine T. Bettinger
S413Ortssippenbucher: Researching German Ancestors02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000EthnicDaniel R. Lilienkamp
S414Margaret's Baby's Father and the Lessons He Taught Me02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
S415Finding Aids, Inventories, and Record Group Descriptions: Why Should I Care?02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000RecordsMichael D. Lacopo
S416Ohio Land Records: Unique, Confusing, and a Goldmine02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000StatesRick Sayre
S417Finding the Last Slave Owner02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000African AmericanAri Wilkins
S418Strategic Searching on Findmypast02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000Tech TipsJen Baldwin
S419Finding Your Ancestors in Company Employee Magazines and Trade Magazines02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000RecordsDennis Northcott
S420Exemptions and Exceptions: Why Your Ancestor Did Not Serve in the Civil War02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201909:30 am1557567000MilitaryJohn Dougan
S421Family History Piecework: An Approach to Writing02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400BCGCari Taplin
S422Eight Ways DNA Can Enhance Your Family History02019 Conference Program2019050905-09-201911:00 am1557399600DNADiahan Southard
S423Finding Scottish Ancestors Online02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400EthnicNancy E. Loe
S424Neighbors, Cousins, or Siblings? How Evidence, Analysis, and DNA Answer the Research Question02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400MethodologyJanet A. Alpert
S4255 Common Sense and Budget Minded Tips for Preserving and Organizing Family Photo Archives02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400RecordsMaureen Taylor
S426Using the Maryland State Archives: In Person and Online02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400StatesRebecca Whitman Koford
S427The Black Homesteaders at the Crossroads of Freedom02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400African AmericanBernice Bennett
S428Microsoft Excel as a Genealogy Research Tool02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400Tech TipsJill N. Crandell
S429My Ancestor is from … but I Don’t Speak or Read the Language. Help!02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400RecordsDebbie Gurtler
S430Sultana: The Horrific Civil War Mississippi River Disaster and Why It Remains a Mystery02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201911:00 am1557572400PotpourriKathryn L. Bush
S431Twists and Turns in the Genetic Road02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201912:15 pm1557576900Lunch NGSRoberta J. Estes
S432The Journeys of Americans: Three Stories of Immigration and Migration02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201912:15 pm1557576900Lunch NEHGSRhonda R. McClure
S441Tell Your Ancestor's Story by Writing, Verifying, Documenting, and Sharing02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000BCGAngela Packer McGhie
S442Methods for Managing Your DNA Match List02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000DNACrista Cowan
S443English Records Beyond the Grave02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000EthnicRaymon Naisbitt
S444Whoa! Slow Down. Look at a Map.02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000MethodologyJacob Eubanks
S445Deconstructing the Neighborhood: Using the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps to Understand Your Ancestors' Communities02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000RecordsCheri J. Daniels
S446Footprints on the Plains: Researching Your Kansas Ancestor02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000StatesDannell "Danni" Altman-Newell
S447Help for Southerners in Need: The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000African AmericanRuth Ann (Abels) Hager
S448FamilySearch Collections—Tips and Tricks02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000Tech TipsDavid E. Rencher
S449Iowa's State Census: Genealogical Jewels02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000PotpourriAlice Hoyt Veen
S450The Road to Tennessee: Migration Trails from the Revolutionary War to the Mexican War.02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201902:30 pm1557585000MilitaryCharles Sherrill
S4512019: The Year of the Copyright02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400BCGJudy G. Russell
S402Understanding Ethnicity Estimates02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201908:00 am1557561600DNAAngie Bush
S453Effectively Using the German Website, Compgen.de02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400EthnicCarol Wright Whitton
S454Planning and Conducting Reasonably Exhaustive Research02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400MethodologyAngela Packer McGhie
S455German for Genealogists02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400EthnicJames M. Beidler
S456French Huguenots in New Netherland and New York/New Jersey02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400StatesKaren Mauer Jones
S457Eight Sources to Expand Your Slave Research02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400African AmericanLaDonna Garner
S458Protecting Your Digital Files02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400Tech TipsIlene Kanfer Murray
S459Discovering Family Information in US Congressional Records02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400PotpourriPatricia Walls Stamm
S460From Despair to Cargoes of Hope: WWII's Displaced Persons02019 Conference Program2019051105-11-201904:00 pm1557590400MilitaryC. Ann Staley
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