2017 Conference Program

The 2018 Conference Program, 2-5 May 2018 in Grand Rapids, MI, will be available 1 November 2017.

2017 Family History Conference Recordings

Session IDTitleRoomOrderDateTimesorttimeTrackSpeakersSponser
W121The Law and the Reasonably Exhaustive (Re)Search12017 Conference Program05-10-201711:00 am1494414000BCG SkillbuildingJudy G. Russell
W122Autosomal DNA for Newbies22017 Conference Program05-10-201711:00 am1494414000DNABlaine Bettinger
W123What did She Mean? Interpreting Informants' Historical Accounts32017 Conference Program05-10-201711:00 am1494414000Research PlanningJ. H. Fonkert
W124Tarheels in Your Family Tree? History & Record Idiosyncrasies You Want to Know About!42017 Conference Program05-10-201711:00 am1494414000North CarolinaDiane L. Richard
W125The Most Prominent Citizens: Using County Histories in Your Research5Room 20105-10-201711:00 am1494414000Historical ContextCari A. Taplin
W126Using Identity Characteristics to Locate Your Ancestors6Room 20605-10-201711:00 am1494414000Working with RecordsAngela Packer McGhie
W127Can a Dead Man Sign A Deed?7Room 30405-10-201711:00 am1494414000Tips & TechniquesKelvin L. Meyers
W128Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies and Navies in the Civil War82017 Conference Program05-10-201711:00 am1494414000MilitaryRuth Ann Hager
W129Underused Resources & Record Types for Genealogists9Room 30305-10-201711:00 am1494414000Records & RepositoriesMary M. Tedesco
W130Alms for the Poor: Locating Records about the Needy102017 Conference Program05-10-201711:00 am1494414000MethodologyAmy Larner Giroux
W131NIGR to Gen-Fed: The Tradition Continues ($)11Room 40205-10-201712:15 pm1494418500Social Meal EventMalissa Ruffner
W132FamilySearch – A Global Experience ($) (Sold Out)12Room 302ABC05-10-201712:15 pm1494418500Social Meal EventDiane C. Loosle
W133Preserving the past, protecting the future: FGS + RPAC ($)13Room 301AB05-10-201712:15 pm1494418500Social Meal EventJudy G. Russell
W141Sources or Clues? Pitfalls of Using Published Genealogies and Online Trees142017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600BCG SkillbuildingJulie Miller
W142Genealogy as a Science152017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600DNABlaine Bettinger
W143Planning a Successful Virginia Research Trip162017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600Research PlanningVic Dunn
W144Interpreting NC Land Records172017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600North CarolinaDavid McCorkle
W145Making Sense of Censuses: Analyzing and Interpreting Census Data182017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600Historical ContextJill N. Crandell
W146Running Away to Join the Circus: Tracing Our Performing Ancestors192017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600Working with RecordsD. Joshua Taylor
W147Scots-Irish Research Methodology and Case Study20Room 30405-10-201702:30 pm1494426600Tips & TechniquesDavid E. Rencher
W148Researching Your Mexican War Ancestor212017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott
W149Land, Licenses, Love Gone Wrong, and Other Assorted Courthouse Records22Room 20605-10-201702:30 pm1494426600Records & RepositoriesC. Ann Staley
W150Finding Black Sheep and More—Criminal Record Research232017 Conference Program05-10-201702:30 pm1494426600MethodologySusan D. Kaufman
W151Use All the Sources: A Complex Case of Confounded Identity242017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000BCG SkillbuildingJ. H. Fonkert
W152MyHeritage DNA Matching252017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000DNADaniel Horowitz
W153Planning “Reasonably Exhaustive” Research262017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000Research PlanningThomas Wright Jones
W154Settlers in Western North Carolina 1790-1890: Origins, Destinations, and How to Find Them272017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000North CarolinaSteve Greene
W155StoryMaps: Using Web Maps to Tell Family Stories282017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000Historical ContextCharlie L. Wells
W156Learning NGS Style292017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000Working with RecordsPatricia Walls Stamm
W157Using Kentucky Equity and Criminal Court Cases to Complete Your Research302017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000Tips & TechniquesGail Jackson Miller
W158North Carolina in the War of 181231Room 20605-10-201704:00 pm1494432000MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott
W159Understanding Archives: What They Are and How to Use Them322017 Conference Program05-10-201704:00 pm1494432000RecordsJohn Philip Colletta
W160Divorce Records in Genealogical Research33Room 30405-10-201704:00 pm1494432000MethodologyPam Stone Eagleson
T201Proving Identity and Kinship Using the GPS: Finding a Freedman’s Family352017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600BCG SkillbuildingNancy A. Peters
T202The Marriage of Genetics and Genealogy: A Case Study342017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600DNADiahan Lyn Southard
T203Hacks and Hookers and Putting Up Pickles: Snares of Yesteryear’s English362017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600Solving ProblemsJohn Philip Colletta
T204The Industrial Revolution Comes Home: Textile Mills and Your Ancestors372017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600Historical ContextAnne Gillespie Mitchell
T205Southern Mormons and Their Records382017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600ReligionGail Jackson Miller
T206Colonial Migrations In and Out of the Shenandoah Valley39Room 30405-11-201708:00 am1494489600North CarolinaVic Dunn
T207Finding Georgia Records712017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600Records & RepositoriesJ. Mark Lowe
T208A Proven Methodology for Using Google Search for Genealogy412017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600TechnologyLisa Louise Cooke
T209Your Portable, Sortable Research Log422017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600Organizing ResearchJennifer Patterson Dondero
T210German Village Not Yet Found?432017 Conference Program05-11-201708:00 am1494489600Beyond the BordersCarol Wright Whitton
T211BCG Certification Seminar192017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000BCG SkillbuildingMichael Ramage
T212The Genetic Genealogy Revolution (LS)472017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000DNAAngie Bush
T213Help for Southerners in Need: The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands482017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000Solving ProblemsRuth Ann Hager
T214A Week in the Life of a Farm Family492017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400Historical ContextAnnette Burke Lyttle
T215Circuit Riders and the Early Methodist Church502017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000ReligionJ. Mark Lowe
T216Land Grants in North Carolina512017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000North CarolinaA. B. Pruitt
T217Beyond Population: Researching in the Special Census Schedules522017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000Records & RepositoriesAngela Packer McGhie
T218Beyond Google: The Evolution of Search53Room 30405-11-201709:30 am1494495000TechnologyJordan Jones
T219Info Overload? Effective Project Management, Research, Data Management & Analysis542017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000Organizing ResearchElizabeth Shown Mills
T220Three Guides, Four Countries: A Daughter of Holocaust Survivors Travels to Their Ancestral Villages552017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000Beyond the BordersDeborah Long
T222Using Third-Party Tools to Analyze Your Autosomal DNA (LS)562017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400DNABlaine Bettinger
T223Solving Complex Problems With Tax Lists57Room 30405-11-201711:00 am1494500400Solving ProblemsGail Jackson Miller
T224Writing a Family Narrative That Your Family Will Want to Read582017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000Historical ContextMargo Fariss Brewer
T225Catholic Church Research in the Southeast592017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400ReligionJulie Miller
T226North Carolina Research602017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400North CarolinaJeffrey Lee Haines
T227Making Newspapers.com Work for You612017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400Records & RepositoriesPeter Drinkwater
T228Can I Undo That? 25 Technology Mistakes You Can Avoid622017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400TechnologyD. Joshua Taylor
T229Taking Control of Organizational Chaos632017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400Organizing ResearchMichelle Dawn Novak
T230What’s in German Parish Microfilms?642017 Conference Program05-11-201711:00 am1494500400Beyond the BordersCarol Wright Whitton
T231Condemnation of Memory: Recalling that African American Genealogy Is American Genealogy ($)65Room 301AB05-11-201712:15 pm1494504900Social Meal EventLaBrenda Garrett-Nelson
(Sold Out)' id='civil-war-records-you-didnt-know-existed-pensions-relief-funds-hospital-records-and-more' />T232Civil War Records You Didn't Know Existed: Pensions, Relief Funds, Hospital Records and More! ($) (Sold Out)66Room 302ABC05-11-201712:15 pm1494504900Social Meal EventTerry Koch-Bostic
T233Christoph von Graffenried's Grand Adventure and the Palatine and Swiss Founding of New Bern ($)67Room 40205-11-201712:15 pm1494504900Social Meal EventPhilip Otterness
T241Past Conflict Repatriation: The Role of Genealogists and Methodology in Fulfilling Our Nation’s Promise682017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000BCG SkillbuildingJeanne Larzalere Bloom
T242DNA and the Hidden Half of the Family (LS)692017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000DNAJudy G. Russell
T243Deeds and Probate: A Winning Combination702017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000Solving ProblemsVictoria P. Young
T244Putting Food on the Table and a Roof Overhead: How Your Ancestors Earned a Living402017 Conference Program05-11-201709:30 am1494495000Historical ContextAnne Gillespie Mitchell
T245North Carolina Quakers: Their History and the Records They Left722017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000ReligionAnnette Burke Lyttle
T246The Virginia-North Carolina Connection732017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000North CarolinaBarbara Vines Little
T247Understanding pre-Revolutionary War Colonial Military records742017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000Records & RepositoriesDavid Allen Lambert
T248Genealogical Adventures Overseas: Exploring the Findmypast Collection75Room 30405-11-201702:30 pm1494513000TechnologyJen C Baldwin
T249From Record Group to Community: Analyzing Data Sets762017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000Organizing ResearchAmy Larner Giroux
T250DNA Writing Workshop ($) (Sold Out)772017 Conference Program05-11-201702:30 pm1494513000WorkshopAngie Bush
T251Silent Border Crossings: Tracing the Elusive Immigrant Who Left Only Breadcrumbs for Clues782017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400BCG SkillbuildingDavid S. Ouimette
T252Five Tips To Make Sense of Your DNA Testing (LS)792017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400DNADiahan Lyn Southard
T253Discovering Your Immigrant’s Origins: Exhausting Every Resource802017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400Solving ProblemsRich Venezia
T254Coffin Maker, Undertaker, and Funeral Director: the Other Death Record Source81Room 30405-11-201704:00 pm1494518400Historical ContextCharles S. 'Chuck' Mason, Jr.
T255Baptist Ancestors in Tennessee and the Carolinas822017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400ReligionLori Thornton
T256Before the Vital Records Law: What's a Family Historian to Do?832017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400North CarolinaDebra A. Blake
T257Social Media for Genealogists842017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400Records & RepositoriesMary M. Tedesco
T258Beyond the Facts: Digital Ways to Preserve Your Research Process862017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400TechnologyD. Joshua Taylor
T259Going on a Research Trip — NGS Style852017 Conference Program05-11-201704:00 pm1494518400Organizing ResearchPatricia Walls Stamm
F301One Dollar and Natural Love and Affection: Analyzing Deeds Deeply (LS)872017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000BCG SkillbuildingMichael Hait
F302Getting Your Results is Just the Beginning88Room 30305-12-201708:00 am1494576000DNAJim Brewster
F303“Picturing” Your Research—Finding, Procuring, and Preserving Images892017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000Records & RepositoriesMichelle Dawn Novak
F304Burned County Research Methodology902017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000MethodologyVic Dunn
F305Finding Your Ancestor in Bounty Land Applications912017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000MilitaryAngela Packer McGhie
F306Slave Narratives: Telling the Story of Slavery and Families922017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000African AmericanC. Ann Staley
F307Rainbows and Kaleidoscopes: Inclusion as a Professional and Personal Genealogical Standard932017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000Historical ContextJudy G. Russell
F308Create a Free Map Collection in Google Earth Customized for Your Genealogy Research94Room 30405-12-201708:00 am1494576000TechnologyLisa Louise Cooke
F309Locating Ancestors on the Dawes Rolls95Room 20605-12-201708:00 am1494576000Native AmericanKathy Huber
F310Clueless? Maybe not962017 Conference Program05-12-201708:00 am1494576000MethodologyJennifer Patterson Dondero
F311Recreating your Ancestor's Neighborhood (LS)972017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400BCG SkillbuildingBarbara Vines Little
F312From The Shadows: Using DNA to Demolish Brick Walls in African American Genealogy982017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400African AmericanShannon Stewart Christmas
F313The Library of Congress: An Introduction and Overview992017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400Records & RepositoriesJohn Philip Colletta
F314From Ulster to Virginia and the Carolinas1002017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400Maps & LocationsDavid E. Rencher
F315Southern Claims Commission: A Treasure Trove of Civil War Ancestors1012017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400MilitaryRuth Ann Hager
F316Reconstruction 101 for African Americans1022017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400African AmericanTim Pinnick
F317“She came from Nowhere…” - A Case Study approach to a difficult Genealogical Problem.103Room 30305-12-201709:30 am1494581400Historical ContextDr. Michael D. Lacopo
F318Smartly Using a Smart Phone Camera104Room 30405-12-201709:30 am1494581400TechnologyRobert Raymond
F319The Moravians and the Cherokees: From Piedmont to Tahlequah105Room 20605-12-201709:30 am1494581400Native AmericanRick Fogarty
F320Sharecropping or Tenant Farming?: The System and Its Records1062017 Conference Program05-12-201709:30 am1494581400MethodologyMargo Fariss Brewer
F321What's the Evidence? How to Probe Documents Beyond the Obvious (LS)1072017 Conference Program05-12-201711:00 am1494586800BCG SkillbuildingElizabeth Shown Mills
F322Expand and Support Your Genealogy Research with DNA Tools108Room 30305-12-201711:00 am1494586800DNAAnna Swayne
F323Breaking the Brick Wall: Using Cluster Genealogy to Find Lost Ancestors1092017 Conference Program05-12-201711:00 am1494586800Records & RepositoriesDeborah Ann Abbott
F324Genealogy and Maps – A Perfect Marriage for Tracking Ancestors1102017 Conference Program05-12-201711:00 am1494586800Maps & LocationsSharon Cook MacInnes
F325Researching a Revolutionary War Ancestor in North Carolina and Virginia1112017 Conference Program05-12-201711:00 am1494586800MilitaryCraig Roberts Scott
F326Get Excited About your Pre-1870 NC African American research1122017 Conference Program05-12-201711:00 am1494586800African AmericanDiane L. Richard
F327Grandma's Treasure Chest Revisted1132017 Conference Program05-12-201711:00 am1494586800Historical ContextPam Stone Eagleson
F328Research Guides to Your Ancestors Online114Room 30405-12-201711:00 am1494586800TechnologyAnne Gillespie Mitchell
F329Rooted to the Earth: The Basics of Cherokee Genealogy115Room 20605-12-201711:00 am1494586800Native AmericanAnita Ann Finger-Smith
F331Keep Your Professional Cool in Hot Situations ($)1172017 Conference Program05-12-201712:15 pm1494591300Social Meal EventMary Penner
F332Nobody's Daughter: A Spotlight on the Neighbors ($)1182017 Conference Program05-12-201712:15 pm1494591300Social Meal EventHelen F. M. Leary
F341The Genealogical Proof Summary: What It Is and Is Not (LS)1192017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400BCG SkillbuildingGail Jackson Miller
F342Understanding the Science Behind Your DNA Results120Room 30405-12-201702:30 pm1494599400DNAJulie Granka
F343Whisky, Prohibition, and the Records Created1212017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400Records & RepositoriesJ. Mark Lowe
F344Two States, Multiple Counties – What’s a Border?122Room 30305-12-201702:30 pm1494599400Maps & LocationsDiane L. Richard
F345Getting to Know Fold3: The web's premier collection of Original Military Records1232017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400MilitaryGordon Atkinson
F346Migration Patterns: A Macro Alternative for Locating African Origins1242017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400African AmericanJames Ison
F347Key Player, Participant, or Partisan Follower: Discovering An Ancestor’s Political Leanings1252017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400Historical ContextD. Joshua Taylor
F348A Library at Your Fingertips: The Internet Archive, Digital Public Library, and more1262017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400TechnologyDeborah Ann Abbott
F349Forming New Worlds: Cherokees, Whites, and Lands in Western North Carolina, 1819-1829127Room 20605-12-201702:30 pm1494599400Native AmericanAnita Ann Finger-Smith
F350Chromosome Mapping Workshop ($) (Sold Out)1282017 Conference Program05-12-201702:30 pm1494599400WorkshopAngie Bush
F351Converting a Bunch of Information into a Credible Conclusion (LS)1292017 Conference Program05-12-201704:00 pm1494604800BCG SkillbuildingThomas Wright Jones
F352Creating a Genetic Network130Room 30405-12-201704:00 pm1494604800DNADiahan Lyn Southard
F353Online State and Federal Resources for Genealogy1312017 Conference Program05-12-201704:00 pm1494604800Records & RepositoriesMichael Hait
F354Using Emigrant Guides for Genealogical Research132Room 30305-12-201704:00 pm1494604800Maps & LocationsJulie Miller
F355Refugees, Claims, and Conscription: Your Ancestors During the Reconstruction Era1332017 Conference Program05-12-201704:00 pm1494604800MilitaryMichael Lemar Strauss
F356US Colored Troops in the Civil War: Researching Antebellum, Military, and Post War Lives1342017 Conference Program05-12-201704:00 pm1494604800African AmericanTonja Lea Koob Marking
F357She Did What, When? Where? With Who? Why? Putting Your Ancestor in Historic Context1352017 Conference Program05-12-201704:00 pm1494604800Historical ContextSara Gredler
F359Researching Native American Tribal Genealogy136Room 20605-12-201704:00 pm1494604800Native AmericanRick Fogarty
F358Discovering Your Family History with MyHeritage Unique Technologies1372017 Conference Program05-12-201704:00 pm1494604800TechnologyDaniel Horowitz
S401How Old Was Grandpa? Estimating Ancestral Birth Dates1382017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400BCG SkillbuildingVic Dunn
S402Ethical and Legal Considerations for Genetic Genealogists1392017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400DNABlaine Bettinger
S403Courting North Carolina: The Courts of the Tarheel State1402017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400Research in the StatesJudy G. Russell
S404Land Grants by North Carolina in Tennessee1412017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400North CarolinaA. B. Pruitt
S405Getting the Most Out of Find A Grave1422017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400Records & RepositoriesPeter Drinkwater
S406Stories from the back door of the Swannanoa-Berkeley Hotel: My Family History1432017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400Family StoriesDeborah Ann Abbott
S407City Directories: The Solution to Finding Family Members In-Between Federal Census Ten-Year Gaps144Room 30405-13-201708:00 am1494662400MethodologyTerry Koch-Bostic
S408The Aliens are Coming: USCIS Record Sets1452017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400Records & RepositoriesRich Venezia
S409Records of the Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ1462017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400ReligionJ. Mark Lowe
S410ResearchTies: Why Every Good Genealogist Needs a Quality Research Log1472017 Conference Program05-13-201708:00 am1494662400Solving ProblemsJill N. Crandell
S411What to Do When Your Ancestor Drops Out Of the Sky: Frances Ellsworth1482017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800BCG SkillbuildingAmy Larner Giroux
S412African American History Etched in my DNA1492017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800DNAAndre Kearns
S413Missouri: Journey of Discovery1502017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800Social Meal EventAnn Carter Fleming
S414NC Land Grants Overview151Room 30405-13-201709:30 am1494667800North CarolinaDavid McCorkle
S415South Carolina Research1522017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800Regional MovementJeffrey Lee Haines
S416"See Yourself in the Movies!" Small-town Films of H. Lee Waters 1936-19421532017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800Family StoriesHeather Whann Choplin
S417The Successful Genealogist: It’s All About Our Mindset!1542017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800MethodologyElizabeth Shown Mills
S418Utilizing the National Genealogical Society Book Loan Collection1552017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800Records & RepositoriesJacob Eubanks
S419Moravian Trails & Records1562017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800ReligionElissa Scalise Powell
S420Unusual Resources for Family History Research1572017 Conference Program05-13-201709:30 am1494667800Solving ProblemsSusan D. Kaufman
S421Claws or Clues - Scratching for the Elusive Ancestor!1582017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200BCG SkillbuildingC. Ann Staley
S422How Group Projects Can Enrich Your DNA Testing Experience1592017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200DNALisa Janine Cloud (Blackerby)
S423Research in Texas1602017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200Research in the StatesKelvin L. Meyers
S424Using Estate and Deed Records to Construct Families in Early 19th Century North Carolina161Room 30405-13-201711:00 am1494673200North CarolinaGinger R. Smith
S425Finding Ancestors in the Great Smoky Mountains1622017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200Regional MovementLori Thornton
S426Interpreting Virginia’s Records: What's There That You Don't See1632017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200Family StoriesBarbara Vines Little
S427Genealogical Documentation: The What, Why, Where, and How1642017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200MethodologyThomas Wright Jones
S428How Genealogists Can Work with State Archivists in Support of Records Preservation and Access1652017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200Records & RepositoriesSarah KoontsJan Meisels AllenFrederick E Moss
S429O Man of God! How to Thoroughly Research Ministers of the Gospel1662017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200ReligionDaryl Johanson
S430Spreadsheets for Genealogists: THE Tool You Are Not Using Enough In Your Research1672017 Conference Program05-13-201711:00 am1494673200Solving ProblemsTonja Lea Koob Marking
S431Citing Your Sources: Comedy or Tragedy? ($)168Room 301AB05-13-201712:15 pm1494677700Social Meal EventThomas Wright Jones
S432The Scots-Irish in the Carolinas - Immigrants Who Made a Difference! ($) (Sold Out)169Room 302ABC05-13-201712:15 pm1494677700Social Meal EventDavid E. Rencher
S433Lectures vs. Talks: Documentability on a Sliding Scale? ($)170Room 40205-13-201712:15 pm1494677700Social Meal EventJohn Philip Colletta
S441Expanding Your Views: Knowing Your Research Locales1712017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800BCG SkillbuildingPam Stone Eagleson
S442Identifying Native American Ancestors Through Genetic Testing1722017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800DNALynn Moore McCreery
S443How to Overcome Brick Wall Problems in Pennsylvania Research1732017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800Research in the StatesDr. Michael D. Lacopo
S444Past but Not Forgotten: North Carolina’s Jersey Settlement1742017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800North CarolinaD. Joshua Taylor
S445Southern Ante-Bellum Plantation Records1752017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800Regional MovementAri Wilkins
S446Crimes Across Multiple Jurisdictions: Meet Wake County's Abbott Brothers1762017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800North CarolinaDiane L. Richard
S447Finding Immigrant Origins in U.S. Records1772017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800MethodologyMary M. Tedesco
S448Of Heredity and Lineage: Social Membership Organizations178Room 30405-13-201702:30 pm1494685800Records & RepositoriesVictoria P. Young
S449How To Find Church and Religious Records1792017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800ReligionTerry Koch-Bostic
S450And In Local News…My Ancestor made the Newspaper1802017 Conference Program05-13-201702:30 pm1494685800Solving ProblemsKelvin L. Meyers
S451The Lay of the Land: Using Maps in Genealogical Research1812017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200BCG SkillbuildingSara Anne Scribner
S452Case Studies in DNA1822017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200DNAClaudia C. Breland
S453Research in the Old Line State: An Overview of Maryland Genealogy1832017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200Research in the StatesMichael Hait
S454Carolinians Settle the South184Room 30405-13-201704:00 pm1494691200North CarolinaJames Ison
S455Researching Your Civil War Carolinian1852017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200Regional MovementJordan Jones
S456A Long Line of Langs in North Carolina and Georgia1862017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200Family StoriesGinger R. Smith
S457Why They Left the Old Country1872017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200Records & RepositoriesMary M. Tedesco
S458Patriot or Not?: Using the GPS on a Closed D.A.R. Line1882017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200Records & RepositoriesElissa Scalise Powell
S459“She Bore Her Suffering with Christian Fortitude”: Using Religious Newspapers and Periodicals1892017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200ReligionDr. Michael D. Lacopo
S460Meet John Smith: Tracing Ancestors with Common Monikers1902017 Conference Program05-13-201704:00 pm1494691200Solving ProblemsJuliana Szucs
W101Family History Lives Here02017 Conference Program05-10-201708:00 am1494403200Opening Session
F361Who is Family1372017 Conference Program05-12-201706:00 pm1494612000Social Meal EventStuart Watson
W161North Carolina Genealogical Society Host Event Pig Pickin'332017 Conference Program05-10-201706:00 pm1494439200Social Meal Event
T261North Carolina Museum of History852017 Conference Program05-11-201706:00 pm1494525600Society Night
S461NGS Annual Meeting1902017 Conference Program05-13-201705:15 pm1494695700NGS Annual Meeting
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