Sacramento Conference Venue Newly Renovated

February 6th, 2022 by Roger Prince

SAFE Convention Center Completely Renovated in 2021

If you are going to travel to attend a conference, you want the venue to be worth the visit.  The Sacramento convention center recently completed  a major renovation that took two and a half years to complete at a cost of $180 million dollars. 

The conference center has new state of the art audio-visual systems, newly designed exhibit hall space, bathrooms that have been gutted and completely renovated and additional bathrooms added, new meeting and dining room facilities, and of course, new escalators, elevators, carpet, art, paint, etc. 

Have a look at the video here on the convention center website.  It will give you a good overview of the new conference center and it’s very close proximity to the two conference hotels, other nearby hotels, nearby attractions and restaurants etc. 

Although the Convention center officially re-opened on June third of last year, events at the newly renovated facility really began in the second half of 2021; so our conference will be happening in the sweet spot—newly renovated, but time for any bugs to be worked out. 

Late May is typically beautiful weather  in Sacramento with temperatures ranging from the mid-50’s to low 80’s and less than a 1/2″ of rain for the entire month.  You’ll be able to take advantage of the beautiful plaza to picnic with your lunch or eat at the surrounding restaurants with outdoor seating. 

It’s time to experience an in-person genealogy conference again.  And we can’t wait to welcome you to sunny and warm California in a completely renovated Conference Center!
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