Watershed DNA – Booth 333

May 6th, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

DNA connects family, and it affects health. Genealogists are ordering DNA tests for ancestry studies, and questions about medical topics naturally arise. What tests can I order, and what type of information will it give me? What do I do if I discover an unexpected relative when I test? Can I take the data I get back and learn anything “medical” from it? Answering these questions is my specialty.

I’m Brianne Kirkpatrick, and through my private practice, Watershed DNA, I provide consultations about DNA testing for genealogy and for health. As a licensed and certified genetic counselor by profession and a genealogist by hobby, my joy is offering compassionate expertise to clients with questions, whether they have already ordered a DNA test or are just beginning to consider it.

Stop by booth 333 at NGS to learn more about how my services can benefit you. I’ll have a sign-up sheet for a limited number of 15-minute complimentary consultations during the NGS conference and information sheets to take away with you. Visit www.WatershedDNA.com for more information.