Call for SLAM! Idea Showcase Submissions

Deadline for submissions: 15 March 2024

Who May Submit?

Societies, libraries, archives, museums, and other organizations, such as universities, that provide information to genealogical researchers are encouraged to submit videos.

NGS membership is not required. If your organization is not a member of NGS, visit to learn more if interested.

General Requirements and Guidelines

There is a two-step submission process that must be completed by 15 March 2024 using the guidelines and criteria below:

  1. Fill out the online submission form.
  2. Email your video and handout using this link to a folder. See the Criteria section below for important details regarding both files. Note that only your video and handout will be delivered to the folder and any text in the email will not be seen.

If you cannot submit your video file or handout to the above email address, please email a link from a cloud folder to [email protected].

Submitters agree to allow submissions and handouts to be posted on NGS websites, including the NGS YouTube channel and shared as part of the NGS Family History Conference activities.

All winning video submitters should plan to be present online to discuss their project/program with event attendees.

Criteria for Inclusion in the SLAM! Idea Showcase

  • Videos must be submitted in standard MP4 format with a maximum total length of five minutes.
  • Videos must be submitted with closed captioning. Failure to include closed captioning will result in the video not being accepted. (The only exception to this is if a video does not have any audio.)
  • Please include the SLAM! Idea Showcase intro video at the start of your video. Download the 2024 video intro from Box.
  • Please also submit a one-page or two-page PDF handout (which can be printed double-sided) with contact information that can be shared and will help people further understand your project/program.
    • You can use your logo or other small images.
    • Use all 1″ margins.
    • Type the following in the footer in 10 point font: National Genealogical Society 2024 SLAM! Idea Showcase.
    • Be sure that all web links appear as clickable hyperlinks.
    • Use common fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
  • Please ensure the video and handout describes the organization’s size and how the project or program was funded.
  • No commercial activities or any advertising may be displayed. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the submission being removed.

Subject Matter and Examples

Submissions should pertain to projects or programs that:

  • Serve genealogical researchers or promote genealogical research.
  • Concern reference services, collection development, digitization, database/website development, programming, newly created resources, outreach, or other aspects of information delivery to the genealogical community.
  • Have been implemented successfully.
  • Can be duplicated or adapted by other organizations.
  • Are free and accessible to anyone but may have a local or regional focus.
  • Demonstrate innovation and creativity.
  • NGS welcomes projects that advance research in under-represented populations, such as people of color, LGBTQIA+, and women, and/or promote enthusiasm among young or new researchers.

View our YouTube playlists to see past entries and winners. The following examples are for additional illustration purposes only and entries do not necessarily need to reflect these specific categories:

  • Projects leveraging volunteer hours or crowdsourcing.
  • Digitization projects that involve cross-community efforts.
  • Projects that document migrations of residents, providing links to the prior residence.
  • Contests that promote enthusiasm for engaging youth or new researchers in genealogy, such as written and media productions.


  • The winning submissions will receive a cash prize of $250.
  • Additional submissions selected for honorable mentions will be eligible for a cash prize of $125.
  • The number of winners and honorable mentions will be determined based on total submissions. Prizes are awarded to the organization and not a person.


  • 19 December 2023: Call for submissions opens
  • 15 March 2024: Deadline for submissions
  • 15 April 2024: Final selection of award winners
  • 16 May 2024: SLAM! Idea Showcase virtual program

Please email Kate Smith at [email protected] with questions about the 2024 SLAM! Idea Showcase.