Learn new strategies, resources, and techniques to sharpen your family history skills at the NGS 2019 Family History Conference.

The upcoming NGS 2019 Family History Conference will be held in St. Charles, Missouri, and will offer the best and most expansive series of lectures to advance your research. St. Charles is easily accessible with a small-town feel and an abundance of history.

The NGS Family History Conference, 8–11 May 2019 is your opportunity to choose from more than 150 lectures presented by many nationally recognized speakers, explore an exhibit hall filled with more than 80 exhibitors, and network with more than 2,000 genealogists. Every NGS conference has a different theme with a new program top to bottom—so there is always more to learn and discover. Register for the Family History Conference starting 1 December 2018.

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Discover Historic St. Charles, Missouri

  • St. Charles Convention Center (Image: Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • Lewis & Clark Statue (Image: Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • Lewis and Clark Boathouse and Nature Center (Image: Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • Historic St. Charles (Image: Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • First Missouri State Capitol Buildings (Image: Wikimedia Commons, Smallbones)
  • Historic St. Charles (Image: Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • Historic St. Charles (Image: Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau)

2019 NGS Family History Conference—Journey of Discovery

With courage in their hearts, joy in their souls, and a compass in their hands, American pioneers set out charting their course as they migrated to the Louisiana Purchase and the Northwest Territory. They opened the Midwest and Plains states to migration and new settlements. They crossed the country by wagon train and on foot, sailed on steamboats along the rivers, and rode the rails. Settlers farmed the land, felled trees for log cabins, or carved the earth to build sod houses. Native Americans, French fur traders, and Spanish soldiers preceded these settlers. After the Civil War, freed African Americans traveled north from southern plantations. The Germans and Irish as well as Eastern Europeans poured into the country and established new towns and cities, schools, and businesses, while maintaining their own customs and religions. Our predecessors built a nation and established their own history as they experienced the ultimate journey of discovery.

These migrations inspired our conference program, Journey of Discovery. The program will focus on topics such as vital records and religious records, migration and immigration, U.S. census and military records, land records and maps, court records, ethnic resources, government documents, using DNA testing, technology for genealogy, Midwest regional topics, and much more.

Thank You to Everyone Who Made Grand Rapids a Great Success!

Here’s just a few of the compliments NGS received for the Grand Rapids Conference in our post-conference survey of attendees. It feels great to know our many months of hard work made so many of you happy!

“Well done, NGS!”

“You made my first conference a great experience!”

“So much information! I learned so much and had a great time.”

“Wonderful conference, wonderful host city.”

“The conference was fantastic, very organized and smooth-running.

“Marvelously well organized.