Qualifying students may register for discounted rates for the NGS 2020 Family History Conference.

To register as a student with a discounted conference rate, please send your completed registration form and an image of your student ID to the NGS conference registrar, Courtney Holmes, at [email protected] No online student registrations will be accepted. However, students may register in advance through the registrar or bring all qualifying documents to the conference and register on-site for no additional fee.


NGS member:                                              $50

Nonmember :                                               $60

Note: The same fee applies whether a student registers for one-day or for the full, four-day conference. The student registration fee is not subject to any deadlines. Students may register prior to or during conference.

Syllabus, Meals and Social Events

The conference’s printed syllabus, syllabus on flash drive, meals, and social events are not included in the registration fee. To pay for these items, please consult with Courtney at [email protected]. These items will not be available for purchase after 17 April 2020.