Student Rate

Qualifying students may register for discounted rates for the NGS 2019 Family History Conference.

Students may not register online. They must register by contacting the NGS conference registrar Courtney Holmes at [email protected] No online student registrations will be accepted. However, students may bring all qualifying documents to the conference and register on-site for no additional fee.


NGS member:                                              $50

Nonmember :                                               $60

Note: The same fee applies whether a student registers for one-day or for the full, four-day conference. The student registration fee is not subject to any deadlines. Students may register prior to or during conference.

Qualifying Documentation

To qualify, a student must submit a letter on college or university letterhead signed by the dean or a department chair confirming the student’s current admittance, good standing, and full-time status in an undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking program at a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. Students who are enrolled in diploma or certificate programs, continuing education programs, lifetime learning programs, or at institutions not regionally accredited do not qualify.

At conference check-in, qualifying students must also present a current student identification and a current government-issued photo identification. The student ID must be consistent with the letter confirming student status. Qualifying students will have all rights and privileges of full conference registration.

Syllabus, Meals and Social Events

The conference’s printed syllabus, syllabus on flash drive, meals, and social events are not included in the registration fee. Students who wish to purchase these items are required to pay full-price. They also must first consult with Courtney at [email protected]. Students will then be able to pay for these items online before 19 April 2019. These items will not be available for purchase after 19 April 2019.